Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 1 with Spanish Missionaries

Hey,I am having a blast, don`t worry about me! I can`t wait to get to the MTC though. Please call me when you have any information because I will come home as quickly as possible. I have a feeling they will call or email you and tell you that I need to take a flight in less than 48 hours or even 24. Thats what they do at the MTC. We are going to get some food today and I did some laundry so I am still good enough for another 3-4 days or so I guess but I hope I get news sooner than that. If not, I`m sure they will reassign me. Tell everyone hi or hola. My spanish is growing little by little i guess. Keep me updated...i hope tampa is doing well. Love you guys...see you soon!

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