Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes there is life in the MTC!!!!

Como estan? Hello greetings from the MTC. I only have 30 minutes to email and it counts down. Very strict! I am doing fine here, everyone is really nice. I hope you guys will use dear elder now so I can read those and answer your questions. I spent the night with Elder Macpherson on Tuesday and with a couple other canadians as well. It was a blast. I got to meet my new companion, Elder Eddington from Roosevelt Utah, and he is a real obedient guy. He is the perfect definition of Quiet Dignity. He is a great companion to me and a great example. I was called to be Distict leader on Wednesday. I have a district of 11 missionaries, 8 elders and 3 sisters. i have quite a few responsiblities but I will be okay. I just need to watch over them and lead by example. My Branch President told all of the leaders in our branch (zone and district) that we will be leaders for the rest of our lives. I am loving it here though. We are well taken care of. We have a lot of time to study and we have great teachers. Spanish is going well. Some of the other missionaries find it difficult but I told them it will come. My french serves me well here. Spanish comes easier because of it. My experience in Montreal really helps me. The others look to me for direction, which is cool, I like that kind of resposibility. I miss you all very much and can't wait to come home honourably. The spirit is felt very strong here, which is great. I am learning so much from the Spirit. We went to the Provo temple today and it was beautiful. Don't worry at all about me, I am doing fine and will do fine. I am surrounded by great Men and Women here. The food is okay, you can choose to eat well actually. They have a good choice. I don't think I will gain any weight. Anyways, ask me any questions and I'd be glad to answer! I will do my best!! Love you all!
Elder Carpenter

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