Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Busy in the MTC!!!!

I don't have much time because I e-mailed Anik. I love you guys. Thank you for the dearelders everyday they are fantastic. Keep it up! I am doing just fine here so don't worry about me! I have a wonderful branch president, President Dean. He is a wonderful man. Each district is in a zone and the zone is the Branch. We are branch 1. We meet in a little chapel in one of the largest buildings here (1M). I love being a leader it is great! I have wonderful missionaries in my District who are obedient and spiritual. My companion is a wonderful person. I didn't get to write my grandparents but I might have time today after this. It is now 11:20 here so 1:20 there. I love the MTC, I feel the spirit so strong here and feel part of God's wonderful army. Spanish is coming along just fine actually. My previous experience puts me ahead. French also helps a great deal. The food is actually pretty goood, you just have to choose the right stuff. I did not get fatter yet, and I do not think I will, I eat less than I used to back home. My skin is actually doing great!! No crazy breakouts anymore!! I shave and my skin takes it very well. I am overall very happy with the way my skin has been doing. My health in general is very good. I actually eat an apple every day. You know what they say. I have gotten all of you packages and letters and dearelders. Please thank the Kaufmans and Wongs for theirs. I really appreciate the support. I have seen Sister Arellano and Sister Simkovitz. They look like they are doing fine. Hamish is also a DL. He looks like he is having a blast as well. Tell all the boys I love them and to get out here, there is no better way to spend two years. I am not just saying that. Thank everyone for theirs prayers because I can feel them! I really can. We are incredibly blesed here at the MTC. We are really appreciated by everyone. I went to the temple this morning and enjoyed it. I served as a witness and child proxy for sealings. Can't wait to do them for myself. I love you very much and enjoy ALL NEWS ALL THE TIME. How is Tampa doing? And try not to write too many e-mails here because I really have no time to read them. Just send me questions and urgent matter. other things lease send by dearelder. 44 seconds left gotta send bye love you! Keep writing!

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