Monday, March 16, 2009

What a place to be!!!!

I've been here 2 and a half weeks now, isn't that something? and I am still hanging in there!
We get 6$ on our card every wednesday, which i use often for little things. I hope I stay in the MTC for general conference, that would be great. We get to watch the Draper Temple dedication next Sunday, which is cool too. It is absolutely wonderful here in Utah. Just beautiful. I am in shorts right now. The weather is great everyday. I don't even think it has rained yet. It snowed once or twice but the snow doesn't stay. The mountains are beautiful too. I am going to love my mission. We don't really have "breaks" but when we are free to study, which is like 10 out of our 16-hour days, we go where we want to study and I have studied outside. Now, our teachers take us out more and more often because of the weather. Thank you so much to the Kaufmans, Wongs, and Blakemores for their Dearelders to me. They are really appreciated. I would like to say to President Kaufman that there is Mucho Tabajo to be done here, he was right! Oops sorry, I meant El Presidente Kaufman. And to the Wongs, I have great accomodations here, they really take great care of us. Linen exchange is every Tuesday so I get clean sheets every week and our dorm is very clean. I haven't seen an Apostle yet, but we get 70's every Tuesday and they are fantastic as well. They understand us because they are "Elders" too. How is Brandon doing in Texas? I have a missionary from Texas in my district. Dallas, Texas. Thank you Brother and Sister Blakemore as well for your support. I greatly appreciate it. I forgot to Mention Happy Birthday to Sis. Donaldson last week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAVE A GREAT YEAR! You deserve it! If there is one advice I have to give it is: GO ON A MISSION! No blessings will ever be greater than the ones you receive because of a mission. Ask President Kaufman: "If you do the Lord's work, you get the Lord's pay."
The Provo temple is very beautiful. I go every Monday morning at 7 am. Today we did an endowment session. I love it here. I have great missionaries arround me. I know I am in the right place right now. Spanish is comin just fine. I need to keep at it though. I have been here for devotionals for Elder Garn, Elder Kikuchi, and Elder Hamula. All from the seventy. It is so awesome to hear them speak to us I love it! The missionaries are very loved. We can feel that. We have truly been called by a prophet of God, you can feel that too. The spirit is strong here, if you are diligent to want to feel it, you will.
I miss Hockey soo much! I am forced to play basketball all the time! geeze!
I love you all very much!

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