Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year and let's do our part!!!

Hello Mom and Dad! The picture is our district at the Stewart's on New Year's Eve.
Let me just quickly answer some questions: The CTR ring is small but I knew that, I like it on my pinky! Thank you for sending it! I LOVED the box you sent! I opened it last Monday and took tons of pictures! Everything was just perfect and I loved everything and all that was in the stocking. The CTR rings and so nice and clean! THANK YOU! I am really getting spoiled by you! You didn't have to do all of that but I know no matter what I say you'll do it so...I LOVE YOU! I saw the thought you put into it and I was overwhelmed with joy! I have not received anything from the SAAQ yet...just a letter from the Mission Office telling me not to drive because they knew it was expired. My skin is not doing too good so I will have to take anibiotics because I have to shave and shaving makes it worse so I need some extra help. I know it will get better. Thank you for fasting. I will kill this problem once and for all! I do know Elder Perez, he was actually in the district I was supposed to be in in the MTC and comes home at the same time as me. Really nice guy. He is in Cedar now with Elder Davidson, another canuck! They cover a college campus and are doing good. I'll tell him she said HI. I think it's great that you gave those BOM's out Dad. Just make sure to do the follow-up you plan on doing! As members, we should always be thinking of our friends and family that are not members and pray for them. We should always do our best to invite them to church-related activities (New Years Eve party, Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve fireside, FHE, sacrament, etc...) Keep up the good work! And rememer the Lord is preparing those around us. We learn in the MTC that the majority of the elect are friends and family of members. Be an example of the believers! Let's treat our neighbours kindly and serve them!

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