Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you to everyone!!!

Hey Mom and Dad! I really did enjoy talking to you Friday morning! It was the best gift! To hear your voices and know that all is well is exactly what I wanted. I think I have changed but you guys are just so natural with me that I feel very comfortable. I love you! I did get the dearelder package and THANK YOU!! I put the tree on my desk and have been sharing the great treats! I love the CD and just THANK YOU! I really appreciate it. The Shelline family is gone until Wednesday so we'll have to take care of the parcel. There is a UPS store and pick up place here in Washington so don't worry. THANK YOU!!!! in advance! I am so happy to hear that Johnny boy is doing well! I love him! I need my best man you know? I remember sharing a locker with him all through high school! he is my brother! Alright, I just wanted to thank some people really quick for their wonderful Christmas wishes and gifts: THANK YOU TO:

1. The Glowas for the picture and nice tie!

2. The primary for the package with pictures and treats!

3. Anik's parents sent me a great letter too! I love gettings letters from them! so thank you to the Therien family as well.

4. And of course...Anik sent me a fantastic box once again! I know she is with you so give a her a BIG HUG AND KISS for me! ;)

I felt SO blessed this Christmas. Even though I am far away, I felt your love and prayers in great abundance! I love serving a mission! We really did have a great Christmas. We spent most of the day visiting investigators and recent converts on Friday. They were happy to see us. We even played hide and seek with the Shelline family! It was awesome! They have such a cool family. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them! Can you believe that hospitality? I had a great time. I feel so blessed to see my patriarchal blessing fulfilled by having these guardian angels around me always willing to help me. The area is doing well. There is a lot of work to be done however. I am still working hard to develop the gift of tongues. I can speak just fine about the gospel in Spanish but I need to learn more words and more about the different cultures. I have a great book for that actually so don't worry about me! I really do love my mission. I have had numerous wonderful experiences that have changed my life. I have a great companion that loves all those around him and would help me with anything. I have learned so much from my companions and the missionaries I serve. I really want to be like them. I have seen the great light that the gospel brings into the lives of those that follow its principles. Just like it says in Alma 26 Dad. The gospel is light and shows us the way back to our Heavenly Father but there are those that do not have that light and therefore are confused about how to get back to their Father in Heaven. We share that light with others as missionaries. We have that light. We have the best flashlight to get to the end of the dark tunnel. Lehi would say that we have the iron rod to hold onto to get through the mist of darkness. We have all partaken of the fruits of this true gospel. It is now time for us to share them with all those around us. Let me just say that this is the church that has the fulness of the truth. I represent Jesus Christ and his church and I know that this is his church, if I didn't, I would not represent it. Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet today and how thankful I am to have had parents to teach me these things! I love you and have a great week!

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