Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine's Day to you know who!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
I hope you like the audio and I'm sorry it cuts at the end but I was going to say Bye anyway so...I wanted to start off by saying HAPPY BITHDAY to you Mommy!
You still look like you're 25!! I will be there for your next one and I can't wait! There are quite a few birthdays this month actually so can you please wish Thomas, Catherine, and Andreanne HAPPY BIRTHDAY et Bonne Fête for me. I also want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's day for the 14th! and Especially to Anik!!! It is my second in the field! which means my last one without all of you!
So you saw the pics with my América soccer team jersey with the Bimbo on it. América is a pretty big Mexican team and I got the jersey from Elder Candia actually. It was really nice of him to give it to me. I figured I would win the hearts of some Mexicans by having it although not all like América. You have to watch out because there are some that hate them! But I like it!
I wanted to tell Dad that the last general authority we had tour the mission was Elder Brent Nielsen like 4-5 months ago. We should be due for another.
Please tell everyone hi for me and thank you so much for your e-mails! I love them! They motivate and encourage me to be better! You guys are great examples to me! I am glad you liked the pics! And yes I still love to do my best to make people laugh! But I have finally learned after all these years the time and place to do it!! I wish I had understand that in seminary!
Things are great here. We are fighting hard to get 5 baptisms this weekend even though there is great opposition from the adversary! We have faith and we will do it! We are actually having great success. We're working hard to encourage and motivate the members. We're thinking of things we can do with them to get them doing more missionary work! We plan on taking members out with us every night. Today we are going skating again. It gets pretty expensive though because it's 7$ every time but...I love it! I plan do all of my studies in Spanish now for this year. I only have this precious year left so I must do the best I can! I love you guys soooo much! Thank you for all you do! This is Jesus Christ's Church. He is the Saviour and the Son of God and I am so happy to be representing Him and His church! The gospel is the way to happiness in this life and eternal life in the life to come! I must go but have a great week mom and dad!!! I LOVE YOU!

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