Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I got a Letter from a Convert in Lehi!!!

Hey I am so sorry but I only have 5 minutes left here but I'll do my best. My account needs to be updated so that took a while and I didn't even get it done. I will do my best to make an audio for you. I am sorry I have been lacking on that. We have been exercising a lot in the mornings. Just know that all is well here in St. George! I have received all of your letters with gratitude! I can't wait to get Pappy's letter as well. I really do love to receive his letters. I got a letter from a recent convert in Lehi this week. Let me tell you of the joy that filled my heart as I read that they are active in the church and are learning every day!!! I love the Gospel!! We had zone conference and I have to go bye!!!!

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