Monday, January 25, 2010

Ahhhh....isn't this great!!!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
Another week has gone by and I am here in the St.George library with Elders Chavarria, Webb, and Parisutham. Elder Parisutham is from India! Isn't that something although we know a lot of people from India back home. I am just glad to see that the Lord's children in India get to hear the gospel as well. He said there are 4000 members in all of India and just 100 missionaries for the country as well. He is a nice guy and is serving over in Laverkin, which doesn't have very much. It is a little town. I'm sure it looks nothing like India. I told him my grandmother was born there! Anyway, things are going great here. Sorry I couldn't make an audio. We didn't have much time this morning. We presented our Zone Plan of Action at 9 am and played soccer this morning at like 6. I was telling Anik that Elder Chavarria loves to exercise. We wake up every morning at 6 (except for Sunday) and do some form of exercise. We either play soccer at the Recreation center or go over to Jose Gonzales' (A wonderful recent-convert that loves the missionaries) and work out in his basement. Let's just say that I am feeling stronger physically and spiritually these last few days. I really want to be better. I want to rely on the Lord more. We have a few baptisms lined up for this transfer and we need to do all we can to have them baptized. The Lord must lead us! This work is so true! The heavens are opened and revelation exists. We have asked, seeked, and knocked for our area and zone and we have been answered.
Please thank the Blakemore's for me because they sent me a very nice dearelder and I appreciate it! So please thank them for me! Today at 4:30 we are going to Provo for Zone Leader Council. I always love that! I love President Pitts! He is a great mission president. I have made quite a few friends here in the mission and I am excited to see some of them tonight and tomorrow at ZLC! I love my mission! I am having such a great time! I am having such great experiences that I know will help me for the rest of my life. I love those that we teach. I might not always understand ALL that they say nor understand their culture but I love them. The gospel truly changes human lives. The Holy Ghost works so hard. The trick is to work hard with it. The greatest experiences are when you can feel the Holy Ghost testifying through you to those you teach. What a wonderful feeling! We had a great experience the other day. We were driving around looking for an address when we saw two younger guys rollerblading. Elder Chavarria felt impressed that we should stop the car and talk to them. I was driving so I immediately found a place to park. We got out and walked towards them. It turns out that one of them has been looking for the missionaries because he wants to talk to us and prepare to serve a mission. His friend speaks Sanish better than English and is not a member but wants to learn more and has been going to church! We got their phone numbers and addresses and will call them this week! Isn't that great! We will really focus on following the Spirit this transfer. Our ward mission leader also knows a former investigator that would like to get baptised! I know him and can't wait to prepare him for this! Ahhhh...isn't it great! You never know what the Lord has in store for his faithful servants. So I need to work on being a more faithful servant! I testify that this is Christ's Church. He set it up and has now brought it back. He has always been the head of the Church and this dispensation is no different. He has always called prophets to teach us the gospel and this time is no different. There were prophets, apostles, seventies, bishops, evangelists, teachers, etc. in his time and now is no different! His Church will always be the same. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He loves us and will never leave us alone! That is not part of the plan. His plan is perfect. Only perfect beings with all knowledge and wisdom that love us could have made such a wonderful plan of happiness. Families can live together forever and not be separated by death. Jesus Christ overcame this world so with his help, why can't we? Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw. He translated golden plates containing a record of the ancient inhabitants of the americas the way he said he did. He was a prophet. And as you would say Dad "Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise". To this day, I have never let anyone tell me otherwise and will continue to do so unless Heavenly Father gives me a different answer than the one He gave me. All is well here in St. George. We have a big week ahead of us and we are excited! We have many people to visit from our area books. Spanish is doing well. I still have much to learn but I will come back fluent that is my goal. Tell Jason that I can't wait to speak Spanish with him when he gets back! I love you! Have a good week!

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