Monday, February 22, 2010

The Pimentel Family was Baptized Yesterday!!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
Thank you so much for your wonderful e-mails. I never have to ask how things are going back home because you tell me everything. Let me just mention a few things before I talk about my news. Please thank Pappy and Mammy for another great letter! I really do love to receive them. I really appreciate how Pappy takes his time to write all of those stories for me. I am blessed to have such wonderful support from my family! What a blessing you are in my life! And I never let Heavenly Father forget how thankful I am for you in my prayers. I thanked Anik in my audio to her because she sent me a beautiful package once again!! She is amazing! I did share the chocolates with my companion so don't worry! haha About the cards for Thomas, I did send him a card for his birthday and it is in that letter for you guys because your birthday card is in there too Mom. I am so sorry you have waited all this time to read it. But please give Thomas the letters I have sent to him. I really would like him to write me back. The Church and Google have gotten together to make these new e-mails. It's basically gmail but from the church. I have a lot more space and stuff though which is awesome. Anyway I don't know how long my old e-mail will continue to work since I've been using this new one for the past 2 weeks. I would send mail to my new e-mail now and please tell Anik to do the same. Thanks! Well, things are going well here. My health is fine. The Pimentel family got baptized yesterday actually. We were so happy to see them finally get baptized because we have been waiting since January 9th to do it. They have been working a lot and Brother Pimentel had to quit coffee but they are on the straight and narrow path now! They are a great family and well-prepared by the Lord. They will get confirmed next week. We didn't have the week we wanted. A lot of the investigators we have right now aren't progressing. Our goal is to fellowship them better as well as keep our lessons shorter but more powerful spiritually. We need to find those that want to act on this wonderful message we have. We do have another baptism for Saturday: Alex Gonzalez. He is 14 and I just love him. We have created a good friendship even with his whole family. His parents are recent converts and love having us over. Alex actually asked me yesterday to baptize him. What an honor!! We have quite a few members that really want to help us and are great missionaries. It is a blessing to know them! I have to go but things are great and I love you!!!

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