Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm transferred to Price Utah!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
I hope you enjoy the audio that I made. I realize that it had been a while. I can't wait to receive Pappy's letters! They are always exciting to read and I learn a lot about my ancestors. GO CANADA! GOLD MEDAL! Of course, there are a lot of people here that keep me updated because they know I am Canadian and love hockey. It was cool that it was Canada vs. USA. The Mower family often have us over for dinner. They do not go to either branch of ours but they just love the missionaries and have always had the zone leaders over to eat so we continued the tradition this transfer. Brother and Sister Mower are an older couple. They watched the game yesterday and when we went over for dinner,cSister Mower asked me to explain hockey to her because she really didn't understand what was going on. It reminded me of when Dad and I would have to explain things to you Mom. Sister Mower said "why does that goalie always leave his net!?" haha. I love that family and it was fun explaining it to them. You'll have to meet them one day. I believe you'll enjoy it. I found out that Canada won through them. I think you guys would also enjoy meeting the Shellines. Bro. Shelline loves music and loves the same kind as you Dad and knows a lot about it too. You would love talking to him. He even has his own little studio. I'll have to take you to meet them one day. I can't wait to revisit the mission later with my family (present and future). I have made great friendships here in this area that will last an eternity! I have had many experiences and learned a lot. Alex Gonzalez got baptized on Saturday and I had the great honor of performing the ordinance. I absolutely love the Gonzalez family. We often worked out in the mornings with Jose and even Alex has been getting up with us lately. We just have to wake him up. We would visit them often and are actually eating with them tonight. So we got our transfer calls last night and President Pitts told me I will be going to Eastern Utah with Elder Brons. Our area is called Price and we cover 3 stakes. I love Elder Brons. I have gone on exchanges with him before and we got a long great. I will be serving in English this transfer which will be quite the change. English work is very different from Spanish work. I will be working with many more ward mission leaders and the correlation is done a bit different. I will make sure to continue to study Spanish daily though. I do not want to miss a beat because I want to come home fluuuuuuent! I am excited to preach the gospel in my native tongue though. I guess there are some Engligh speakers that the Lord wants me to meet. I do not know my new adress so this week I would just send things to the mission office until I get you the new adress. I am going to my 3rd corner of the mission. I have served in St. George, which is like the southwest corner of the mission and Eagle Mountain, which is like the northwest corner. It will be cool to now serve in Price, Eastern Utah. I am excited! I have learned much in this area and will continue to grow. Thank you for all of your support and for all that you do! I love you soo much! I thank all those that write me, think about, and pray for me! THANK YOU! I absolutely love my mission and cannot wait to share experiences with Elders Kaufman, Glowa, Macpherson, Bilodeau, Hines, Catudal, Wong, as well as Sisters Simkovits and Arrellano and many, many others! Hopefully Andrea sees a differnce in my Spanish from the MTC! haha Please tell all of my friends that I love them and think about and pray for them. Tell them to serve missions because it will change everything for the good! Tell them to read, ponder, and pray to protect them from temptation. I have really developed a love for gospel study. I learn and apply something different every day! I must go but I love you and appreciate you! Have a great week!

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