Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love Price and Zone Leader's Conference Tomorrow!!!

Thank you so much for all of your letters and everything you send! I love it all! It encourages me and motivates me to be better! I love you!
Thank you for your prayers and fasting. Every time you do so, things just go great in my life!
Thank you for the updates. I have not gotten any package from Elder Clarke yet but I will be at the mission office tomorrow because we have ZLC so I hope it is there and I can just pick it up. I can't wait for those letters from Pappy as well. I learn a lot from them especially about my family history! THANK YOU PAPPY!
I can't wait for ZLC. Not only do I get to see good friends and former companions and eat great Sister Pitts cooking, we get great instruction from President Pitts and the Spirit fills the room as he speaks to us and we discuss different things. There are some great missionaries in this mission that are true examples to me. I love being around these great men and learning from them. These are experiences I will never forget.
I love Price. I can't wait to bring you back here, I have never been in a place like this. This area of Utah is all little towns, counties, and communities. There are a ton of trailer parks that we go too often. There are very interesting people here and not that many members of the church. There are still alot but not as many as other areas I have been in. This area truly needs the gospel. There are a lot of people that have issues with chastity and the word of wisdom. We cover CEU, College of Eastern Utah, so I met a lot of cool people there. We are having a lot of success and it is definietly cool to preach and teach in my native language. I do miss Spanish though. I love this area and I love my companion. We get along great and he goes home like 6 weeks before me. We are both pretty young. I have met some great people here that's for sure. Yesterday, we went to the Helper Stake conference. President Maynes was getting released so Elders Allan F. Packer and Munday were there. I felt the spirit so strong as they were speaking telling me that what they were saying was true and how thankful I should be that I know the truth and am in this position. I am in the right place I know it. Anyway, we have to get going but thank you for everything and I love you! Your one and only,
Elder Carpenter

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