Monday, March 15, 2010

Last week was pretty hard!!!!

I am sorry because I was going to make you an audio this morning but I ran out of time. I am sorry to hear that Mom is in so much pain. That is no fun! I will definetely pray that you can handle those kindergarteners. They are a handful! It looks like you guys had a great weekend. Anik did too. I am glad to see that is was fun being with each other. Thank you sooo much for that St. Patrick's day package! Elder Brons and I are sharing the goods! And they are very good! THANK YOU! Please thank Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter for their card as well. I love getting news from them and will do my best to write back but please thank them for me. I love them very much and pray for them always. I have not gotten Elder Clarke's package yet. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow. I don't know if he's dropped it off or not. I need to take some more pictures though before I send this one off. I have been bad at taking pictures lately. I'll do better! Well, I am doing alright over here. This past week has been pretty hard but don't worry I am fine. It was hard because we travelled a lot. Our zone is huge. It goes from Vernal down to Blanding and Monticello. You should look it up on the map. We went on exchanges with some of the elders in our zone so we had to travel to them. I spent Wednesday in Moab and Friday in Duchesne. Moab is like 2 hours south of here and Duchesne is like 1 hour north. Elder Brons and I split up and went with different companionships. It was a lot of fun except that I got sick Wednesday and actually I felt bad for those Elders haha. So I was just a little sick last week but nothing huge. I had a fever but feel a lot better now. The Elders I was with took great care of me and I thanked them a lot. The brotherly love on the mission is incredible. It was a tough week but I prayed a lot and the Lord helped me. I didn't have to take any time away from missionary work. The Lord always takes good care of me and always gives us these trials to humble us and give us experience. I am currently having problems with my ankle. I didn't do anything to it but it got all numb and swollen on Friday night. I woke up and it was like that. Weird eh? I called Sister Pitts and she should call me back. I might have to go to the doctor to see what it is. I don't think it's anything too serious because it would hurt more. It was hurting last night during the night and at 12:43 am I had to ask Eder Brons for a blessing. He got up right away, grabbed his oil and give me a blessing. He then grabbed a t-shirt of his, grabbed some ice and wrapped my foot up for me so that I could sleep better. I think saying that I love my companion would be quite the understatement. He takes good care of me! So we'll have to see what is up with my foot. There are a few doctors that are members of the church in our area so I might see one of them. If anything, zone conference is Wednesday so Sister Pitts or the mission doctor could take a look at it. Apart from that tiny opposition, all is well here in Price. I love it here and I love our investigators! I gave a talk yesterday in the Price North 10th ward. A lot of elderly people but they seemed to enjoy it. Elder brons spoke at the college too. He did a good job. Things are going well here. We have a baptism this Saturday of Matt Matheny. He's had a hard life and he's only 14 but wants to change. I love him a lot. He is getting baptized by himself and he has great faith. I just wanted to tell you guys that I love studying the gospel. The Book of Mormon has so many wonderful stories that we learn so much from. I am currently in Mosiah 13 and Abinadi is about to chastise King Noah and his wicked Priests for not living the 10 commandments. I always start off my personal study with a little Book of Mormon. Well, I must be going but I wanted to end by telling you that I love you and appreciate all that you do! I know your prayers on my behalf get answered! All is well here and I love the mission! I am so glad I chose to do it! I would have regretted it forever! Have a great week!

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