Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm better this week and my Blog Page is Awesome!!

Hello Mom and Dad!
It sounds like you had a good week and I hope you enjoy the audio. I will make sure I make another this afternoon to give you more of the news. I am right now looking at my blog page haha. I felt like seeing it. It looks awesome! What a great job you guys have done with the blog page, it looks sweeet! Thank you for doing that. It will be great memories for later on. I got that letter from Pappy this week so please thank him for me. I really like it because it's like doing family history for me! Let me answer some questions: My ankle is unfortunately still the same but there are a few doctors in our area that are members and they said they'll take a look at it so no worries! What a blessing. I'll get with them this week. I have not heard back from Thomas yet, and my suits are actually holding up very well. I have had to re-sew the buttons on my black one over the course of the mission but they still are in good condition and I plan to keep it that way. That is incredible that Marion is getting married in July. I am so happy for them! I can't wait to meet Hugo he seems like a great guy. Matt Matheny got baptised on Saturday. He had friends and family there to support him so it was great. He is a great kid. I didn't get to teach him as much as I would have liked to but he did ask me to confirm him so that was awesome! It is cool doing such things in English haha. I did get to practice my Spanish a bit because we were down in Moab again this past week. I spent Thursday with the bilingual Moab Elders. Moab is really beatiful and a huge touristic place. We'll have to go there together sometime. I had a lot of fun with them and I just love the Spanish people! They are so kind to us. It was fun doing some Spanish work again. I know Jason is just loving it. I can't wait to speak a little espanol with him later! I have good health right now and feel fine, which was different from last time in Moab. Zone conference was awesome. We went into some pretty deep stuff with President Pitts. He says the gospel is 16 feet deep but so simple at the same time and that is what we teach. It is all about Jesus Christ. We have some great missionaries in our zone and I love them all! Elders Whalen and Fly always take good care of me when I go down to Moab. My studies have been very good this transfer. I try to study from CH.3 of PMG everyday as well as the Book of Mormon. There is so much I want to read and know but I take it one personal study at a time. Anyway, I must be going but I love you very much. My talk could have been better prepared but I tried to be excited to motivate the members. Sister Hunt wanted to call our mothers so I gave her your number. She's super nice and has a son serving. The members here are so nice. I talked about you guys because you were my first missionaries and are my goodly parents. I talked about Dad's conversion as well. I gotta go but I LOVE YOU!

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