Monday, May 10, 2010

More Baptisms!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
It sure is weird to e-mail you after talking to you yesterday. I wish I could just grab the phone and call you again! But, e-mails are cool too. I don't have any questions to answer because you asked me them last night. I will try and do an audio for you today. I'll make one before we go out to work tonight. We are going boulder pushing or rolling today in Huntington. It is our district activity. It should be pretty fun. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday. One for Julia Dagget and the other for Kabrina Ludwig. They were both awesome and many people came to support them. Julia has been through a lot in her life and had to make some changes before she qualified for baptism. She made the changes and the baptism was great. I had the priviledge of baptizing her and Elder Brons confirmed her on Sunday. Julia is a CEU student. She went on a trip with the institute this past week to Nauvoo and she came back saturday on a spiritual high. The primary room was filled with students that went on the same trip. I just love baptisms. The spirit is so strong there. We get to go to Manti on Wednesday. We will go to the temple again. That temple is so beautiful. The live sessions are great too. Jessen Welch and Austin Dalton are getting baptized this saturday. Jessen is 10 and he's such an awesome, smart kid. We went over the baptismal interview questions yesterday after not seeing him for over a week and he answered so well. He's so excited to get baptized and so is his family. There will be many non-members at the baptism and Elder Brons and I will be giving talks so we will use it as a great missionary tool. Austin is in his 20's and has made some great changes in his life as well to qualify for baptism. He was living with this girl named Erica but last week he drove her down to St. George so that she could live with her parents and he could get baptized. He really wants to do this. Baptism is so important. These people will walk in "newness of life" (Rom. 6:4) and receive a remission of their sins. The Holy Ghost will then help them to endure to the end. I love the gospel and the cleansing power it has. I will never forget these wonderful people the Lord has blessed me with to teach and see be baptized. I love them very much and want to keep in touch with them as much as I can. Well, I must be going but more to come in my audio! I never know what to say in my e-mails because it's easier to say everything by audio. I love you soooooooooo much!

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