Monday, July 12, 2010

Things are heating up in Hurricane!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
We're in St.George for the day because we went to the Visitor's Center next to the temple at 9 to practice singing because we will be singing at a fireside on sunday for President and Sister Leonard. We practiced hymn #335 Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy and it went very well. I will just sing the melody know me...I can't really sing anything else. I think it's going to be an awesome fireside. Thank you for the e-mails as always. I love them every time. Well, things are going well here. I talked to Dr. Call on the phone this morning because I was supposed to have an appointment with him at 8:30 am but seeing as how I am in Hurricane and he is in Provo, that didn't work. He is such a nice guy. He talked to me about how things were going and I told him that I felt a lot better so he told me to just take half a tablet of prednisone for one more week every day and then stop and see how that goes. He told me to call him if anything acts up again. So, that is what I will do and we'll go from there. I should be fine. I am very well taken care of here. So that is the news on my health. I feel great apart from that. We have a nice air conditioner in our tiny appartment that puts me right to bed at night.
Elder McIlrath and I get along just fine. He's a great guy that is obedient and likes to work hard. He loves guns and weapons and things like that so I'm learning a lot. He wants to do law enforcement later on. He ballroom danced and scoobadived back home so he is a very interesting guy. His mom is a dietician as well so he knows a lot about keeping healthy. You should see him teach the word of wisdom! All I do is testify that what he's saying is true! ;) He loves to talk and is very knowledgeble so this will be a great transfer. I'm making a lot of new friends because I didn't know a lot of the Elders down here. It is quite hot but I am used to it after having been down here last summer without a car half of the week. We drive an 09 Malibu. I drive because Elder McIlrath never got his license. I like it that way because I get to know my way around the area a lot faster. It's fun to be so close to the center of the mission again. You're in the middle of all the action. Tomorrow is zone leader council again so I am looking forward to that. I'll be able to tease Elder Nascimento about how Spain won the cup and Brazil didn't haha. It'll be fun to see some of my friends that are in other areas of the mission. It will be President Leonard's first so it should be interesting. I am loving it here. We have a great zone and a great area. We have some great investigators too so we should have some baptisms coming up here soon. Our area is kind of in the building up stage right now. We need to work closely with leadership to get them motivated so that they can motivate the members we don't see very often. We received quite a few referrals from the ward mission leaders yesterday so it will be fun to contact them now. I must be going but all is well here in good ol' St. George!! I can never get away for too long! I love you guys so much and thanks for everything!

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