Monday, July 26, 2010

New Training and Instant Results!!!!!

Hey Mom and Dad,
Thank you for the e-mail and the pictures. I like them a lot. It's just been crazy lately. Our P-days are always packed right to 6 o'clock but we're planning on staying in Hurricane today so I'll have to time to give you the details.
Alright so let me fill you in on what's been going on down here! My health is doing a lot better. I stopped taking the prednisone and I feel fine.
I really feel blessed because the Lord has truly answered our prayers.
I feel fine and nothing is hindering me! Thank you so much for your prayers. I did receive that package from you guys this week.
I also received that letter from Pappy. Be sure to thank him for me. I got those socks too! I'll put them right to use in this heat. It is pretty hot here. I sweat quite a bit. That sun is brutal.
This week was a week of miracles for sure. We were trained by our new mission President tuesday and wednesday on things he was trained on in the MTC. There are things in Preach My Gospel that missionaries aren't applying or using very well so I believe all mission presidents will be training the leadership in their missions on these new things from the missionary department. They aren't new it's just that we aren't doing them very well. Anyway, it was awesome. I'm sure Elder Kaufman will be getting the same things. We learned a lot about inviting others to be baptized, the Holy Ghost, the Book of Mormon, prayer, and personal revelation. As a result of the things we learned, Elder McIlrath and I went from having no one with a baptismal date to 5 this week. We invited 5 of our investigators to be baptized and they all said yes and are now preparing to make that covenant. It was amazing. I love the people in our area. We teach some wonderful people. Anyway, I learned a ton this week that I will apply in my missionary service. Things are going very well in our area. I am working on being more bold and inviting others to do things to bring them closer to Jesus Christ no matter how simple they might be. The Holy Ghost is real and I feel it as I teach. We went to the temple last week and I just love the St. George temple. It is beautiful. I love going to the temple. This gospel is so true. I'll give you some more details in my audio because we have to get running. I love you guys and appreciate you so much! Have a great week!

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  1. The MTC is always a fun and hectic time to be sure! I noticed you mentioned training in the Book of Mormon and baptism commitments, but not the Bible. Why is that? The Bible is THE Word of God and central to the discussion of the True Gospel.