Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two more Baptisms this Week!!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
Let me answer your questions:
Things are going very well here thank you very much!
My numb feet are still slowly getting better as well but very slowly. Not much of a difference. But they don't hurt and they don't cause me any problems so...I don't worry about them. I'm sure the nerves will heal soon as well.
We don't have a set number of hours we're supposed to give for service. We just give it when we can. We try to do something every week though but nothing set. I hope that answers your questions and I hope that you enjoy that audio because it was hilarious. What an experience! I love being a missionary!
Please thank Sister Kaufman for her e-mail and the pictures she sent me. I really appreciate it. I wasn't able to watch the video for some reason but I did get the pics! Sister Kaufman told me that in the video as Pappy and Mammy are saying goodbye, Mammy says "Be good". I remember her always telling me that and I want you to let Mammy know that I'm doing my best and that I am being good. Tell them I love and appreciate them please. Tell Pappy to keep those letters coming!
I also wanted to know when Rachel Simkovits is getting home because she's sent me a couple of letters and I want to write her back but I don't want to send one now if she'll be home when it arrives in China so please let me know where she would be if I sent one now so it gets to her. Thank you!
I loved your e-mails once again. Thank you so much. Things are going awesome over here. We're planning on 2 baptisms this week. Emilio Micheals and Brey Flanders. Emilio is 17 and has been fellowshipped by his girlfriend's family. He's such a cool humble guy. He has some native american background. We're meeting with him tonight actually to get his baptism all sorted out. Brey is 10 and I'm not going to lie, it's been quite the adventure teaching him. he doesn't always pay attention but he has that desire to follow his savior down into the water so he's ready! I gotta go but I love you guys soooooooo much!

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