Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Area is Exploding!!!!

Hey Mom & Dad!! There's lots going on down here. I had to go for my blood test on Friday and while I was there this girl named Whitney was taking my blood so I asked her if she knew anything about the Church and she gave us her phone number and address and although she cancelled our first meeting, we went out to Hurricane to visit her tonight. Her Dad who is a Lutheran answered the door said they were having supper so we agreed to come back Wednesday. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Our area is absolutely exploding. We'll be looking at the transfer board this week with Pres.Leonard. We also have 6 baptisms this week, 2 on Friday and 4 on Saturday. We taught 55 lessons last week. Tonight we did splits and taught 7 lessons. We plan to have 19 people at Sacrament this week. It's just crazy. We're getting referrals and we're meeting people all the time. We met a girl named Kelsey the other day and we went with Elder Goodman to see her and she has just lost her best friend and wanted to know if we had anything that could comfort her and we showed her lots of scriptures and told her about modern prophets and asked her to get baptized and she said yes. We're just meeting people like that all the time. We're looking at having 13 baptisms for November!! We couldn't even go out Halloween night so we stayed in the office and worked. We are even teaching with our recent converts and that is incredible to hear them bear their testimonies. Oh you asked if we need winter tires in St.George - Are you kidding?? There is no winter here. Speaking of cars, we just got a brand new Malibu today. Gotta go now, certainly appreciate all your prayers and everything you do for me. Love you - Bye!!!

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