Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello Mom & Dad, just got your e-mails and am always happy to get the latest news. Things are going well here. We had two convert baptisms and a rebaptism Saturday night. Amber & Justin both got baptized into two different wards because they broke up so Amber stayed in the Morningside area and Justin moved out to Santa Clara. They were great baptisms, their families came, the spirit was strong and Elder Richards even went to Amber's baptism and presided there. Kaylee Brand who asked for her records to be removed because she was angry at God for a long time and 26 days after she got the notice that her records were removed, Elder Laurie knocked on her door and started teaching her. Great emmotional baptism with her Dad baptizing her. This weekend has been crazy with all kinds of Zone conferences and leadership training meetings and Zone Leader councils and going to bed late and waking up early in the morning to go and get the chapels ready for Elder Richards with lapel microphone and projectors and hymnbooks plus preparing agendas for the meetings. Elder Richards mission tour is over but we had a great tour with him. We had a north zone conference with him, a south zone conference with him and a leadership training with all the mission leaders down here in St.George. It was great to have him preside over the mission and I just felt the spirit so strong. In most of the meetings he just went by the spirit and his wife was great too. We even had an investigator fireside last night and four recent converts got up and bore their testimonies and conversion stories. We had invited a few investigators. We didn't get a chance to go out teaching with Elder Richards but he at least came to the baptism. A great experience to get to know him, get corrected by him and even interviewed by Elder Richards. He gave me some tpis on training other missionaries. He is so full of love and hardworking. They never look tired. You never see a General Authority dozing off in conference. It makes me want to work harder because I am so much younger!!! As I said things are going well in our area. We're probably going to split it at the end of the transfer. It is just exploding and we can't get around to everything as AP's. Nov.6 we should have at least 3 or 4 baptisms with more after that. We are really teaching some wonderful people. We are going to the temple on Wednesday and will be taught by President Romney (the son of Marion Romney). Saturday everyone here will be celebrating Halloween. I hope that covers everything. I love you guys and appreciate all your prayers because I really need them. So have a good week. Love you!!!

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  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much St. George loves Elder Carpenter. He's a hard worker, and he cares so much about all of his investigators. I've been taught by Elder Carpenter since the middle of August,and I got re-baptized in October. It was the best decision I ever made,and I'm glad that he was there through that process. :)
    -Katie Brande