Sunday, October 17, 2010

Got a Cold but still Very Busy!!!!

Hey Mom & Dad!! My voice is a little better still battling a cold. Health is pretty good really. My feet are still not completely healed and sometimes it can take months but I feel they are improving. Love all the news and certainly appreciate getting e-mails. Tomorrow we are heading out to do exchanges with the Cove Fort Zone Leaders. We taught 55 lessons last week. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but it got cancelled because Tammy our investigator hasn't been honest with us. She wasn't really obeying all the commandments and I believe in the gift of discernment because it really witnessed to Elder Laurie and myself that she wasn't ready. We will still continue to meet with her and help her out. Next week we have a date for Amber & Justin who I have mentioned before (they are a young couple in their 20's) who were living together and when Elder Laurie taught them about the law of chastity Justin moved out right away with his grandparents. They are my favourite investigators and we love teaching them. Troy is also preparing for Nov.6th and a girl named Brittany Craig who we found just the other day and she is just so prepared by the Lord for baptism. Kaylie another investigator is getting married this weekend and then will be baptized on Novemeber 4th. Another investigator Moroni has a polygamist background so he has to be interviewed by a General Authority on Nov.6th before he can get baptized. The mission numbers are doing better. We are keeping very busy. Finally got my Utah license today, I was very nervous and I used Sister Leonard's car but the guy passed me anyway. So I'm back to driving here in Utah. Elder Laurie and I have been splitting up a lot with members at night and that has been working out really well for us. We will be going to the temple on the 21st and will be given a lecture by the temple president. Later this month I am going to go on exchanges with Elder Richards of the Seventy who wants to tour the mission so he'll be going out with me. Ok, gotta get running. Love you guys, have a great week and don't get sick like me!!!

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