Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are Extremely Busy!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
Thank you so much for the e-mail!
I cannot make any audios right now because I am battling a cold and barely have a voice! It is also late and I need all the rest I can get. We are extremely busy right now with mission things and our wonderful area and investigators. We taught 55 lessons last week. We have 17 scheduled for tomorrow! It is just crazy here. A lot going on for sure. I promise I will make some audios for you guys pretty soon here. Please let Anik know what's going on as well because I know she'll be expecting one. I'll send them as soon as I can. Probably tomorrow. I love you guys! I love your support and I am doing well! I'll let you know more soon. I go take a road test tomorrow for my license! Pray for me please. I'm pretty sure I'll pass and get Utah license. It cost 25$ and I took a written test and got 24 of 25! So I just need to pass this now. I gotta run! Love you!

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