Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference was awesome!!!

Hello Mom & Dad,
Thank you for all the news. I am here with Elder Laurie in the office preparing for Zone Leader Council tomorrow. All the 10 ZL's from throughout the mission are here right now staying overnight. We will talk about the white handbook and establishing rules in the mission so that we can keep everybody obedient even in the small things. After that we're going on exchanges with Elder Haden & Elder Frye who are the ZL's in Red Rock which is great because I get to go back to Washington Spanish where I was first called as a ZL. Elder Frye is a visa waiter. I really love those two missionaries.
Thank you for the birthday money I will probably go out and buy some ties at this place we found where you can get 3 nice ties for $20. You asked about Elder Holland's 95 year old mother who we have heard of. Elder Holland actually went to Dixie High School where we work out because the principal is a member and he lets us work out for free and Elder Holland comes through often to visit his mother. In fact, there is a funny story about him that the Mauers told us (used to eat with them back in my Washington days) where he played basketball for Dixie High and he missed a wide open game winning basket with only a few seconds left and everybody said "well that's the last time we'll ever hear of Jeff Holland".
We watched the conference at the Adams on Saturday morning. Then went to one of the Stake Center's to fill up the font for Amelia's baptism at 4:30. So we mostly listened to it on the radio. Then we watched Priesthood Session (which was awesome by the way) at the chapel and went to Bishop Paul's house for spare ribs and peach pie. He is hilarious. He is the Bishop of the Pineview YSA Ward. Sunday morning we watched conference with Katie & Cara and some of their friends - Katie had asked to have her name removed but then Elder Laurie and Claridge bumped into her and now she is going to be rebaptized. Cara is an investigator who is also going to be baptized.
Then we watched last session with Amber & Justin our favorite investigators who we love like great friends. I really loved conference, I even stayed awake!!!! Wasn't the missionary choir fantastic. It was the same guy conducting as when I was at the MTC. I did look for Elder Glowa too. I really enjoyed President Monson talking about missionary work and his talk on choices and staying on the path and not deviating. And what about President Uchtdorf's pen!! When I get home from my mission I am going to study those talks!!
Thursday I am going for my Utah driver's license which means a road test and a 25 question test. No baptisms this week but some planned for the 23rd. It is really going well here and we are teaching a lot of people. Remeber missionaries just love referrals. I love you guys. Thank you for all you do. Have a great week and I will talk to you later!!!

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