Monday, March 30, 2009

It's snowing outside!!!

I am departing the 22 of April...that's what it said on the package from the Paynes. I have no news on any will have to get that. I still enjoy it here it isn't that bad I find! Everyone treats us well and I love to study! I didn't send any pictures to you yet so don't worry I will send them before I leave with others. Keep sending me quotes I love them! I saw Elder Schubert here who is Kyle Dean's best friend! It was cool! I was separated from my district for the temple trip...temporary exchange. Keep doing missionary work are awesome. I love to hear it!! People will love you and your testimonies! I am not that tired that often..only after lunch...but other than that i am fine I get good sleep! Law of Health is real! I am never sick and feel great! It is actually snowing here right now...Utah weather is really weird, one day day winter! I hope it stops because I want to have gym outside! I hope Jordan is doing great!! It scared me when I got that dearelder...I am praying for him...keep praying for him...the Lord will make sure he goes on a mission!! He is a great guy!! Tell him I love him and hope he feels the best! I want him to beat me at hockey when I get back.
We go to the big gym for general conference. Well I have to go time is counting down now...I love you so much and love Marvin and Chris's letters. Don't worry keep sending I love them very much I love you so much too take care for now till next week bye.

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