Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference was Great!!!!

These computers are really not very good but I will do my best. I loved the conference very much. My weekend was just wonderful. I am not DL anymore because we changed half-way through to give someone else a chance. The missionaries get a lot of stuff too and everyone in my room has a girlfriend can imagine!! I love the support I get from my family though it is wonderful...a dearlder everyday is just fantastic. Thank you so much for your support parents and everyone in the ward I really appreciate it. I will have more time to write to people and communicate while in the mission field. Tell everyone that I try my best but that I just can't always reply. I wish I could!!! My health is in very good condition actually. I have sufficient energy for my days. Sleeping early and getting up early really does work and I love it. I don't speak spanish as much as I should - I need to speak more but I am really blessed with the gift of tongues that's for sure. Studying it is so easy for me and that is because of God himself.
I have like two or three weeks left. Yes tell Auntie Anne, I got a dearelder from her and really appreciated it very much. Congratulations Auntie Anne - have the best time of your life because you deserve it. I love George. I loved him before I found out he played hockey so imagine. Thanks also for the letters from the Blakemore's and Chris. I really appreciate them. Tell Chris I love him and he is doing the right things. Just go out with the missionaries and he will be well advanced. General conference was wonderful wasn't it. I didn't fall asleep once. I enjoyed it thoroughly and every single talk was great. Elder Holland is my favourite what a powerful man he is. I love all the support - keep those dearelders coming. I love my friends and miss them dearly I miss everyone very much.
The Church is indeed true and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I love everyone very much and have to go now. I will send audios in the mission field. Good luck to all.

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