Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello from Beautiful St.George Utah!!!!

Well, we have an hour to do e-mails but because I was fooling around with my recorder for too long I only have 30 minutes for this e-mail. I also have to write to my mission president during e-mail time so I have a little less than expected. I tried to send a 46 minute audio recording to Anik but it was too big so I couldn't send it!!
Alright so here is the scoop! I am in St. George! They sent me to beautiful St. George to be with Elder Zamora and Elder Paredes...oh my gosh it just erased half of my e-mail! things just aren't going very good for me today I'm sorry...well I will try and re-tell it from this point. Wednesday I met everyone at the mission office and they were all very nice to me.
I just need to tell you that you can send me dearelders still! Send them to the mission office and the mission offcie send them to my apartment on the same day! isn't that great! so just send them to the Mission office! You don't even have to write letters if you don't want to because I bet it is cheaper by dearelder! I needed to tell you this! And please I love receiving mail very much! it really motivates me! I'm so excited though I can get mail so fast! It will almost be like the MTC! I am also going to buy another memory card for my camera and what I will do is when one fills up, I'll send it to Anik and she can empty the card into a computer for safe keeping and send what is on it to you parents and then she can send me back the card empty because I have no way of downloading the stuff in a computer to keep it so it will just all add up so it is better just to send it back empty! then while that one is there I can fill up the other and just keep exchanging like that! So you will have all my pictures and videos and everything! I had explained all this in the audio but it was too big so...Anyways Don'y worry about me I am doiing just fine here! Next week will be a longer e-mail and Anik will have a great audio to listen to! I'm sorry about this week but the first p-day is always hard because I don't know how things work! I love you all very much and I will try and send as many details as possible next week! they should all be in my journals that will arrive at Anik's next monday! I love you very much!
I love you all! thank you for everything and I'll be expecting some dearleders!

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