Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Time From the MTC!!!!

Hello parents! I love you very much and want to thank you for your wonderful support every day!!! I don't know what they will do with me Wednesday but you will hear all about it! I have to be at the travel office for 6:30 am! pretty early...I'll be in time for personal study! I am looking forward to Mother's hear all of your voices! That would be great!
I sent a box home with a bunch of stuff I didn't need and was taking up some room! Just put it in my room and I'll be excited to see it when I get home. Yes I remember Elder guy...reeally nice...I told him to look you up and he found you. WOW that is so amazing! take good care of him! Tell him I said hi. Yes and please Thank the Glowas and The Wongs for me please! I truly APPRECIATE THEIR SUPPORT VERY MUCH SO! So thank them for me I just don't have time to write back really! I love everyone and appreciate them. How are my buddies doing? What do they do for fun? Are they getting ready for missons?
The weather is just great here. I love it. It is really beautiful in Utah actually I am going to love my mission! So Mom and Dad, don't worry about me I am going to be fine. I am already lost in the work. I can tell you for a fact that my testimony burns within me. Every single aspect of my testimony has grown, especially the Atonement. What a wonderful sacrifice that was for us. How sore we know exquisite the pain we know not but we know He loves us and because he died for us...I will live with my wonderful family for eternity! I love you!
Elder Holland came on Tuesday! Oh my Gosh there are apostles on the earth today! Let me tell you I am a living witness. There is a Prophet that guides Christ's church just as Moses and others did previously, He never changes. Elder Holland is a passionate man. You have never seen him like this before. He goes crazy when talking to missionaries. He is great. He really loved his mission very much!! I want to work so hard mom and dad! so hard!! I won't come back until I'm satisfied and Jehovah tells me my work is done here. I am ready to put on the armor of righteousness in defense of truth! Dad, you should show the Lasalle ward just how powerful the articles of faith are when they are read in context with the Standard of Liberty! I love Joseph Smith, if anyone mocks him in my face they better step back because I won't be too happy. My testimony burns within me...the church is true! How wonderful it is!
I love you both! So take care until we meet again, bye!

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