Monday, May 4, 2009

St.George Week 1!!!!

First thing to say is that there is a rule in this mission that we are only to e-mail our family.
Thank you for all that you do parents! I really enjoyed the dearelders you sent me and it is so fun to get them throughout the week! I feel less alone and closer to my family and friends. The first couple of days were hard on me because of the transition it was coming into the field. As you can imagine it is a total change in lifestyle and very stressful with the spanish and everything but I am doing fine! I just needed to adapt! So thank you for the dearelders and tell Anik thank you in advance for the ones I will get from her. I really have a strong motivation to be obedient to the "t". Exact obedience will protect me from harm and danger and will bless me very much.
That is why I am so comfortable being obedient because I make you proud and Heavenly Father proud. I love you very much! I am so excited for the mother's day call, I will call next Sunday night between 6-8 our time, which means 8-10 your time. Just be home in the evening and I will try and call as late as I can so everyone is free. I hope the conference call works. I will be at a members home and they have free calls to anywhere in the world but we will do what works best for the conference call of course! I am so excited for that!
I am doing fine here in St. George. I arrived in the middle of a transfer and that is why I am in a three-some. My companions are great guys and I really respect them. Elder Paredes is from Bolivia and he goes home next week so Elder Zamora will finish training me. I had to get to St. George by taking a shuttle bus all by myself, which was weird because I am used to a companion. The ride was 4 hours long and I was with 3 other people. None were members except the driver I believe so I just talked to them and represented the church as best I could. I got to beautiful St. George at 6:30 PM. We have to come back here when I get home! it is gorgeous here! There are palm trees and red rock and huge mountains with big homes. It is really something else. I forget I'm in Utah. It does get very hot here though but it is dry like Gabriel said so I survive. I really like it through we have great weather. We have a car only 3-4 days during the week because we share it with other elders so we spend a lot of time walking around and I am getting a good tan.
I can feel your prayers always! i love you very much mommy and daddy! I can't wait to tell you all my expereinces and rejoice over my mission forever! Say happy b-day to johnny boy for me okay? I can't e-mail him. Spanish is coming along okay but people talk really fast...I feel like the first couple times going to Anik's haha. I am learning though and it is hard not to be able to express myself as I want but it will come with time I know that. I am studying and focusing when people speak so I'll pick it up. We had a baptism this past Saturday and they are wonderful. It was a man named Felix Vega, his parents are members but he always had problems getting baptised so I was glad to see him finally get into that water!! He was so happy and it is great seeing a baptism. We have another family next week getting baptised too and they are the Toledo's and I am very excited for them.. the details are all in my journals ofcourse. We teach about 15 lessons a week i believe and we are very busy. We have a lot of people we can go and see. There are a lot that don't really keep their commitments and stuff but we are working with them. My companions are great teachers and I learn a lot from them. Elder Paredes has a great way with the spanish people. We have a D.A. every night. The members of the branch just love us and the spanish people love missionaries. Actually everyone here loves the missionaries. We have all kinds of people paying for our lunches and taking us out to lunch or dinner as well as driving us around, english and spanish. We are very well taken care of as you can see. People always ask us while we are walking if we need a ride and we get a lot of rides! I love it! I feel like a super hero! There is a sister in the branch that always says in spanish tiene cena esta noche? meaning do you have a supper tonight? because if we don't she says to come over and she is true on her word! The mexcican food does wonders to the stomach though.
I love the spanish people though they are so kind to us. The branch president is very kind as well. We get a lot of help from members coming out to our appointments with us which helps a lot. The bear solemn testimony and it makes all the difference. We also have a man named Moises that will be baptized in the coming weeks. He is thirsty for knowledge and I know he knows this is the truth.
I appreciate all that you do and will try and have more detailed e-mails because I had to make up for two this week. Remember I do my best! I want to have a fantastic mission full of obedience and miracles! I love you and say hi to everyone!

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