Monday, May 11, 2009

And then there were two!!!!

Hello Parents Again! It is so cool that I get to e-mail you as well even though we talked yesterday. I feel your love very strong and will help me for the rest of the week!
I always have all the time in the world to read dearelders. If you don't get that picture from the mission office this week then please call them and ask them what's up. You should get it this week so...I got some really crazy unexpected news today. Elder Zamora is getting transferred to be a zone leader and I stay in my area to get a new companion. I couldn't believe it because I only got trained for 3 weeks and have only been out for 3 weeks and now I kind of have to show my new companion, Elder Portio who I will meet Wednesday, around the area and show him to our investigators and all that so he can basically follow-up train me but it will pretty much be my full training. It is a little overwhelming because I lose Elders Paredes and Zamora but I will be okay and I will do my best, that's all I have to offer. It is going to be a great adventure! I'll make mistakes but learn from them! I think I even get to drive now so...I don't know what to expect but it's exciting! Hopefully I'll get a chance to clean the apartment up a little before he comes.The mission is really a great adventure full of different stories and people. I am so glad that I am here and that whatever I did previously in my life led me to a mission! You had a lot to do with that mom and dad!! you are the best parents! It is hard not to have you close but I know you are proud of me and I'll be home in no time! Yesterday was just fantastic talking to you and Anik, I really enjoyed it! I got off the phone and my companions were still on so I talked with Bro. Collier for a bit. They finally both came out around the same time maybe 10 minutes later. Elder Zamora had a big family to talk to and everyone wanted to talk to him. I'm glad I have my little family! Thank you for all that you do for me I really appreciate it! I really don't know what to expect for this following week as I get a new companion and next e-mail is going to be something! Elder Portio will be the DL here so he must be a pretty good missionary. Elder Zamora goes to serve with his former trainer as a zone leader! Ahhh you never know what to expect on a mission I guess! Please pray for me that I can be guided with the spirit to know what to do and what to say. I bet my Spanish is going to greatly improve this transfer because I am going to have to talk more. Elder Portio won't know anyone or the area very well so I kind of have to show him so hopefully he gets the hang out it quick and we can feed of each other. I'm excited though, these are the times and feelings I am going to remember!I also wanted to tell you that I got a letter from Aunt Eileen and that was really cool. She updated me and the stuff going on over there. I really enjoyed that and do enjoy all of the wonderful support that I get. Thank you! I hope my friends are doing great. I don't have much time to write them so I'm sorry for that but when I get home I will write them all the time on their missions! I hope Jason gets his call soon I can't wait to see where he is going! Tell my buddies that they HAVE to go on a mission! They just HAVE to. You learn so much and grow so much it is just incredible. It is an experience that you can't miss! I hope Chris is still working hard to come out here! I can't wait to hear where he is going! Tell him to keep working hard and going out the missionaries and to go see the Bishop and fill out his papers! The sooner the better! He's got to get out here! He'll love it! I keep you all in my prayers all the time and I can't wait to see everyone again and tell them of this great time of my life. I thank everyone that reads the blog and keeps up with me! It is so fun to hear as a missionary that people care! I love the Lasalle ward very much and miss everyone! Tell the young men to prepare themselves NOW for a mission. Read Preach my gospel as much as you can! Know the Book of Mormon! You will be such great assets to your mission president! I wish I had of read more and studied more before my mission! I didn't do enough. The gospel is soooo amazing and a bottomless pit of knowledge! If I could go back in time I would have read so many more books and read my scriptures so much more. This church is the only true church and religion on the face of this earth! never forget it! There is a God and his son's name is Jesus Christ. They live! How do you know? Pray about it! Ask them if a 14 year old boy saw them in 1820 and they'll tell you yes! They do answer sincere prayers! I love the gospel and all that it encompasses! It is so wonderful and complete! Alright I have to go, I love you parents!!! I love you Anik!!! Have a great week!! Take care!!

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