Monday, May 18, 2009

It's hot out here!!!!

Hey dearest mommy and daddy! Oh how I love this time I get to write to you about my adventures. I know you want to know about my new companion. Elder Portillo and I get along really well. He is a funny guy and always has a smile. He likes to work and he loves being a missionary so I'm really heppy. He's from Houston Texas and has been out for like 18 months almost I believe. We are both fairly new to the area so we are still trying to figure it out. He is a clean guy which is great! The apartment is a lot cleaner than it was and I really appreciate it! Yup we get along just fine and I really mean that...I'm not going to tell you at Christmas that I'm miserable hahaha. This week felt longer because of the new routine but it was good. The members help us so much and love us so we are grateful. We still get fed every night but Elder Portillo doesn't eat as much as Zamora so I have to eat more but it's okay! I love the food. I don't think I am going to get fat because we bike A LOT and we are going to start playing soccer with the branch every Saturday. I love the branch, everyone is very nice to us. I actually try to be a lot like Elder Greenberg! He was such an example of a smile! I'm not like him but I show love for the members and always keep a big smile! We want to the members to trust us. We want to have 6 baptisms this transfer and I think it is possible. Felix's wife Deisha is a great investigator and loves having us over. We also have Karla who just had a baby and wants to be baptized. And we have Caracol and Lorenzo that came to church yesterday so it was fantastic. We want to baptize them! No one is ever home though! It really stinks but it makes us think about how we can be better you know. I love my investigators a lot. I know it is confusing but...we see a lot of people. None of them really progress though, we have a lot of flaky investigators and it's too bad but if we teach with great power and authority bringing the Spirit, they will feel someting never felt before. My testimony is growing so strong out here it is incredible. It seems as though the Church gets truer every day haha! I love you guys so much because you helped me gain a testimony. It seems every day I remember something you have told me. I remember those talks I had with you mommy on the way to school always telling me of my great potential and making sure I stayed on the right path. And Daddy always answering my questions and helping me gain a testimony of Joseph Smith. I remember all those Joseph Smith stories and I annoy my companions with them. I am learning to love others and I get humbled almost every day but it's okay. I just want you to know that your dearelders always help me keep pushing and keep going.
Anik sent me a letter and reminded me of a great quote: "A sacrifice is giving up something great for something better". I really cry out in prayer every night thanking him for all the wonderful people I have known over the years. My wonderful friends and my wonderful family. Anik and her family and her friends. I have been blessed beyond that which I deserve and I must give at least my little part back. I wonder how many drops of blood for me. I try every day to make sure that it wasn't too many. I love you all so much! My prayers get answered so much!
I prayed for my skin to get better and I had the inspiration to try something new and just not wash it or touch it just cleared up completely in a week! It is incredible. I pray for happiness and I got a great companion! Not to say I was miserable before but I really love Elder Portillo. I am driving now and I don't need an international driving license all I need is the tag because there are so many members out here. Driving is really different out here. You have that middle turning lane and barely any stop signs anywhere. I drive a Toyota Corrolla and it is really well built. It is fun to be driving again. I am a little rusty but the The Lord will protect.
Go on missions! haha I am glad to hear that about i am so excited for him!! That is awesome! Read PMG!! Tell my friends I miss them and love them so much. I miss Johnny boy and can't wait to see and swap stories!
I saw Sister Charrette down here at transfers because she was at Zone kick-off (goals for new transfer).I took a picture and spoke french which felt good!!
I love my mission and am doing well. The heat is something crazy here! I gotta go I love you all! bye!

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