Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day late and still going great!!

Hey Mommy and Daddy, I don't know how you do it but you guys always say the right things at the right times. I don't know what I'd do without you. I get your dearelders a lot faster than Anik's actually and I don't know why. I usually get mail every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday pretty much. They come at all different times but I did receive the ones from you this week, the ones that were separate. Mommy's came a day earlier than daddy's. Yeah so Anik's come really slow I wonder why that is. But they come and I love every one! I am really so thankful for all you do! You give me such motivation! I love you! Oh yeah you are probably wondering why you didn't get anything yesterday...it was Memorial Dayy so everything was closed. But we came today. I sent Anik two audios this time! I hope she likes them. My comp speaks on the first one a little bit and he is funny so ask her if she can show that part to you...you'll have a good laugh.
I hope everything is going good back home! Everything is going just fine down here in St. George...geeze man it gets so hot. Jonathan was saying it was hot in Ogden so imagine 6-7 hours further south! They say the rock is red down here because it is sunburnt! I haven't gotten burnt though...just tanned actually. My skin is kind of acting up but really nothing like it used to. Biking is really fun. I feel more active especially now that we play basketball for p-day and soccer with the branch on saturdays. Those latinos are really good at soccer but I stood my ground. I love the members here and I think they like us. I have developed a really good relationship with the Branch President. He smiles every time he sees me! We go to his home to eat pretty often and he loves telling me jokes because I laugh! He's a funny guy! We went to the Temple this morning because we are allowed to go once a month now instead of once a transfer. What a beautiful temple it is. It is huge! I really enjoyed going there this morning! We spoke in Sacrament on Sunday and it went really well. We had Elder Lamoreaux with us. He actually did his talk in Spanish and did pretty good job but didn't talk for very long. I spoke on the importance of being examples of familes based on gospel principles because non-members are attracted to that happiness members have in the family. You can ask Anik about Elder Lamoreaux, he doesn't have any legs and it is very funny. I love his spirit and enthusiasm. I have to get going soon because they are coming to inspect the apartment in 10 minutes but I want to say I love you and pray for you and eveveryone back home! A mission is such a great experience and brings you so close to the Savior! I am doing fine here and I know you are doing fine there! Keep sending me the hockey updates because the zone leaders ask me about them! We want to organize a street hockey game, that would be great! Alright my comp awaits me! Gotta go! I love you! I love Anik! take care now!

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