Monday, June 1, 2009

We passed Inspection!!!!

Hey Parents! Alright first things first, I'll answer your preguntas!(questions)
I don't wear sunscreen sorry...I don't get burnt though and we're not in the sun that much, just enough to get a nice farmer's tan. Yeah so I wouldn't worry too much about it, no one here puts suncreen fact I just 2 seconds ago after reading your question asked Elder Drew my zone leader if he does and he said no. We ride our bikes all the time every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We ride from like noon until supper and then someone usually drives us around like a member after that. It gets hottest around 4-5 and we are usually inside teaching or eating at that time is hot though! Our appartment actually has great air conditioning. As we walk in we get the cool air! It's great we are so spoiled. We put it on fan setting at night and I sleep like a baby! I also use my ear plugs because my comps have snored sometimes haha
We passed the inspection with flying colors and he was so impressed with us and so happy that we had cleaned up from the other elders because he said the last time he was in our apartment it was pretty bad. They are going to come this Wednesday to clean our carpet though because there are a lot of stains from stuff so we're excited to have a nice clean carpet. I wasn't worried about inspection though I'm a clean guy and so is my companion. Inspection is every transfer and it is an older couple that does them that work in the mission office. They say they've seen a lot of stuff doing that job so they were happy with us! We do keep it clean enough. We clean up after ourselves and we each have a bathroom so we clean our own bathrooms. We have a good vaccuum because our apartment is like all carpeting except the bathrooms and kitchen. I'm learning to clean! Yes we spoke in sacrament and yes my spanish is fine for that. I mean I wrote everything out so all I had to to is read it. My weakness is in conversation. When they get going I cannot really understand everything. I need a broader vocabulary and not just a gospel vocab you know? But yes I feel more and more confident as time goes by. I get compliments often from people on my Spanish. One RM even asked me if I was in advanced classes at the MTC haha but I said it is the French that helps me. Everything I have in English I pretty much have in Spanish so that is what I use for material. Like PMG and scriptures. That's all I used. Cool about Elder Park he was a great missionary. I actually saw Elder Lebaron yesterday! I don't know if you remember him but he was chinese and we would play football with him. He's married and I saw him at the tabernacle here in St. George at a fireside called Why I Believe and it was Pres and Sis Brown that spoke. Fun to see him there. We had a good chat. I hope I run into more that went to Montreal. Tell Chris to get out here! Tell all my friends not a day goes by I don't think of something I've learned from them over the years. Well I gotta go but I love you and we aren't having much success here so please pray for us diligently! We had Zone Conference and it was Fantastic! I couldn't send pictures but I'll figure something out! Love you! til next week!

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