Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank you Wongs & We've been knocking on doors!!!

Hello! First thing I want to say is thank you to the Wongs for sending me those wonderful Brownies I got and the cool card with all of my missionary friends! I ate all the Brownies because Elder Portillo isn't too into that. Thank you sooo much!
The members really treat the missionaries always so it is so nice. I had lentil yesterday so I hope you're proud! Thank you for fasting for us out here, we have seen a lot more success, I'll tell you about it in a second. I actually studied that article very well Mom so I could use it with investigators and for myself. I really liked it. I take fasting a lot more serious now.
I can't wait to hear where Jason is going! I hope he comes here to my mission! That would be so fun! Good for him! I hope he knows how proud Jonathan and I are of him! What a great step he is taking. I am glad to hear as well that Chris has no more braces! Get him out on a mission before the girls grab on! Tell my friends I love them and think of them always. I really don't have very much time to write I am sorry...but I do love them!
Our chapel is on 750 N 1000 W. We meet at 1 on Sundays and it is called the Sunset 9th Branch. We have to go one day and do a session in St George as a family and do the tour and stuff, it is such a huge temple! Really nice! I'll send a postcard. Notice there is no Moroni on there though? I want Pittsburgh to win and so do the Zone Leaders. We talk about it a lot. There are people that like hockey down here.
Anyways thank you for the news as always! I can't tell you enough how much I love your letters! I am learning so much here on the mission! We are having more success like I said. We foung 2 new investigators and more potentials. We have been knocking a lot of Doors at Canyon Pointe. We baptized a woman named Karla on Saturday! I love baptisms! She was so ready! It was exciting!
I had my interviews with President Brown today too and that is always fun. He is so knowledgable and so caring. He asked us how we were doing and it went well. Sister Brown is also fun to talk to.
The Lord is before my face, on my right and on my left! Yes the weather has been a little cooler now but still pretty sunny. We are going to buy hockey sticks today at Deseret Industries! I want to play! Anik also asked if I exercise and yes I do but every second day...I need to do more! I must go but I love you very much! Thank you for everything!

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