Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Hotter with 7 Baptisms todate!!!!!

There is always so much to say in so little time so I'm sorry if I don't always say as much as you would like. I hope father's day was great and Happy Birthday Dad! It is getting hotter and hotter here every day but a different kind of heat, I am used to the routine..I better be I've been out for 5 months! Transfers were today and that was some of my news, Elder Portillo and I are staying together here so I'm excited, I like this area! I wasn't ready to go yet so...it's good! So I hear I have a spanish speaking friend right? haha that is soooo cool!!! I am soo proud of Jason! He is going to love it! Fresnooo wow that is really cool. Spanish will come so easy to him because of Portugese but here's my counsel if he wants it. He leaves in October so I would say learn as much Spanish as you can right now! He has time to really learn it well before he leaves and be a real asset as he leaves on his mission. I am still struggling so my advice would be to learn that language! He will come in on fire! I am so proud of him! Thank you for sending me those updates! I can't wait to see my Lecavalier Jersey signed! That is soooo coool! Thanks dad you're the best! And it is about time I talk about my brother up in Ogden! He is the best missionary! I love reading his blog! His parents must be sooooo proud of the work he is doing! Tell the young men to follow his example and read his blog, he must be such a blessing to his mission President! tell Johnny boy I say Hi and I love him and I know his news and I hope he knows mine! I really don't have much time on P-days to write I am sorry so please send my news to him too! He taught 30 lessons! Wow what a stud! What an example he is to me! I am telling you he is a great missionary!
Today we went to Zion's national park in the morning with Brother Baltutis. What a nice guy to bring us there for free! He's awesome, you'll know more in my journal but ooo my gosh Utah is beautiful! I know what Dr Sonea was talking about now, don't worry I took pictures. Most beautiful place I have ever been! That park was awesome! Yes I am enjoying myself here. We have a few solid investigators. Caracol needs help though. He loves us but does not commit which means he does not desire to repent. We work hard with him. I had a great expereince Saturday. Margarita is a lady, 30s, that we are teaching and we were teaching the plan of Salvation and she got emotional and said she wants to get baptized! Isn't that great! We are just tools, the spirit worked bery bery hard with her I know! I was so excited. She even said Vamanos al rio! which means let's go to the river! But we still have some stuff to teach haha. I am excited though. I have had the privilege of witnessing 7 baptisms so far! I am soooo blessed Mom and Dad! The Toledo's, Felix & Dacia, and Karla. They have strong testimonies and are active. Dacia was particularly special to me because I was there from the beginning. I saw her seed grow like in Alma 32. She is even trying to bring a friend in the church now. I am so proud of her and her husband! Hey! I am playing hockey tonight with the Salmon family that live in Santa Clara! I have to go but isn't that cool! I am playing hockey! He is from Alberta so I'll show 'em! haha I love you I will make an audio later!

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