Monday, June 29, 2009

We have a Baptism on the 4th of July!!!

Hello Parents! Another week come and gone. I just wanted to thank Aunty Anne Little for her dearelder this week. It really booosted me up and gave me even more motivation to go out and baptize! I am so glad to hear everything is going great with her and George and tell her I will do the dishes every night for Anik! haha ...Alright so thank you for all the news and everything I am glad to see Tampa got Hedman! he will be in his prime when I get back! And that is so cool that President Kaufman met Len Barrie and that he is a member of the church! wow! I hope I get to meet him some day too. Tell President Kaufman I loved the picture too although I don't know if my mission President would approve of that hair! We got ourselves a baptism coming up this week on July 4th so it is even going to be a greater celebration for us. Her name is Margarita and she is what we call the "golden investigator. The spirit did eveything and we didn't have to do a thing. I played hockey last week and my Texan companion was MVP. Yup he saved the game at the end as I had two break aways and he stopped them both. I was very proud of him! Elder Orth tried to dump the water on him after for being MVP but missed haha. Sister Salmon took a ton of pics and vids of the whole affair which you will see one of these days! I wish I could send some pictures every Monday but it doesn't always work. I sent a ton to Anik though so they should last you a little while. Thank her for taking her time to transfer everything to cd's and things and doing all that for us. I really appreciate it! She's the best! And you guys are the best! Oh I thank Heavenly Father every night for such a great family! Caracol moved away this week so we are pretty sad about that. He meant a lot to us and we really wanted to baptize him. We would see him every day and he would constantly feed us or really just do anything for us. He was so nice. He is in Elder Zamora's area now. Elder Orth got transferred. I really loved that guy! Too bad he had to go! We said bye to President and Sister Brown on Saturday as they are done their mission! I sent my first e-mail to President Pitts this morning! I can't wait to build a good relationship with him. My spanish is doing pretty good. I still have a lot of work to do. I think when I get a native comp it will sky rocket. I learned french from talking to Anik so...same applies to spanish. Elder Portillo isnt really a native because he forgot it before his mission and had to re-learn it. So I am doing great right now except I have a tooth problem! nooooooooo! I will have to see the dentist. Don't worry though I am really good! Please send me those little Canadian pins I would like it! Just a little package you know? I love you guys sooooooooo much! and thank you for all you do!!!I hope you enjoy the pics! I must get going now but I hope I satisfied you for another week! Take care!

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