Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Hey Mommy and Daddy,You guys always have a lot of news it seems. I am so glad to see everything is going fairly well though! Let me just answer some of your little questions and Anik's too: We don't really do any set service. Just help people move and things like that but that might change with my different areas but the answer is nothing set. And yeah Daddy we have to take members out with us. We have a member almost every night that comes out with us from 6-9. We try to have members come out for every lesson. There are a lot of RM's that went Spanish speaking that like to come out with us and practice their Spanish. We have so much help though. The people are just great here in Utah, it is truly a blessing. When I get home I will make sure to do the same with the elders we have. I could go with the English ones, Spanish or French! Isn't that such a blessing for me! Thank you for all the news and thank you for all you do! I love you guys soooo much! What great support I have! And thank Anik for me. Tell her that her e-mails couldn't be any more perfect! You are right mom she's the best!
Okay so here is the news: We got a new Mission President! I met President Pitts on Friday! He is from New York state, around the Rochester area. His full name is Neil Pitts and he said he knows Pres. Jarvis because he gave a stake conference there around 3 years ago but I don't remember so maybe you do? He was in the 8th quorm of the Seventy. Look him up and you can read more about him. He is pretty different from President Brown. He was a convert so I bet he will have a different approach on things but I think he and his wife are absolutely awesome! I can't wait to work with them! I will have them for the remaining 3/4 of my mission! I'm excited! Last week was a good week. We continued to knock out the Canyon Pointe appartments last week and found some success. There are a ton of Spanish people living there. We found some new people to teach. I really need to work on my teaching skills and Spanish at the same time. I want to be the best missionary! I work hard and I constantly treasure up the words of life wherever I am and I can tell you that the promise is true that I have been given in the very moment what to say. IT IS HOTTTTTT! oh yeah we walk around during the day because one bike was broken and is does get fairly humid here too and we sweat! I haven't gained any weight yet on my mission which is nice...I look bigger but not fatter....that's good! Anik will be the happiest hahahaha. 4th of July was awesome, it is pretty much a day off for missionaries and it wasn't our P-day. We just went to the activities they told us to be seen by the community so that;s what we did. At night both zones here got together and we played sports and I danced my "HAKKA"! Yeah, we practiced this samoan/tongan dance like every morning last week at 6 am and performed on Saturday! People took tons of pics and videos for me, which you will see very soon. As soon as I get my other memory card I will send you the one I have now because it is like full! I hope you enjoyed the pics I did send. It is great to know that I just need to send my memory card to Anik and she talkes care of everything! It helps me focus on the work even more! It is such a blessing to have such great support! Oh yeah and thank the Wongs for me once again! They are so kind to send me a Canada Day card! Please thank them for me! I love every single person back there! We had a baptism Saturday for Margarita! It was really beautiful and even greater because it was the 4th of July! She was a delight to teach and everything! I am doing good here mommy and daddy, I will try my best to make an audio for you every week because Anik can listen to the ones I send you too so you both get one which is so much better! I hope you like the one I sent. Anyways please never worry about me! I'm doing good and am well taken care of! I love you!

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