Monday, July 20, 2009

We have 11 Investigators

I only have 20 minutes to write so I will just write my news for this week so you can put it on the blog and I will answer questions and everything else in the audio. Let me just answer some questions quick so you don't have to wait a week: nope I don't get anything from the guys, but I don't blame them because I don't write them either. I wish I could but I am sorry I just don't have the time to write. Yes sometimes companions split up in sacrament to sit with investigators, members, and just to build unity in the ward. Tell Anik that I loved her e-mail so much! and that I will respond to it in the audio for next week. I love you guys so much! Thank you for everything you do! Okay so let me write some news. We are kind of struggling to get investigators to progress. We had no one at church yesterday. We have some great investigators though. Like the Gonzalez family that Bro Corona introduced to us but they didn't come to church! that is really frustrating. But we had 2 non-members come to soccer on saturday. We play soccer every saturday so that non-members could come and members could invite friends. We need to get the members to start providing us with people to teach. Sometimes they don't always understand that they have to find people for us. I hope that LaSalle does that for the missionaries. The ideal would be that Missionaries didn't even have to tract. I went on exchanges with Elder Drew Wednesday and learned a lot. I love him and hope I serve with him one day but it would have to be in a bilingual area because he is english. His area is the Dixie College campus and I had a blast teaching and working with him! All in english so I was on full blast baby! haha. Elder Drew and I both want to serve together. We also had these like con-artists try to get money and food from the church but President Perkins felt right away that they weren't sincere. Turns out they go all over with this pity story and ask for money. They tried it on us but we didn't feel good either. I still struggle to understand what the hispanics are saying and it really tires me out because I have to concentrate so much on what they say. The Lord blessed me though and I understand when I need to and speak when I need to. I learned a good lesson about not ignoring the spirit. We were looking for this guy in an apartment complex but couldn't find which one he lived in. I kind of said a little prayer in my head and the number 15 popped out but I thought it was just my mind making up stuff. I didn't say anything. We should have said a prayer together but Elder Portillo just kind of said let's go. Anyways like 2-3 days ago we see the guy walking on the street and he said he lived in #15! I felt so bad and had to repent. I will never do that again! We need to work on following the Spirit better as a companionship. I need to speak out a little bit and I am working on it. I just don't want Elder Portillo to think I'm telling him how to do his job you know? Anyways things are still very good here and the more I come unto Christ, the more I see my many weaknesses! but that's just the way it is! I love you guys so much and hope you enjoy the audio!

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