Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Late but Here It Is!!

Well looks like you're finally in the same time zone as me! But you are definitely a little further north. Daddy mentioned that you were feeling the heat up there but let me tell you, It is so HOTTT! down here in St. George. Every day now is really crazy. I mean you can just feel the sun. Some days it is instant sweat! But the Lord protects us and cools us down when we need it and we have wonderful members that help us by driving us around once in a while. So let me just say a few things because I only have 9 minutes left since I had to fill out this questionnaire for zone conference. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEGE! It is ben's b-day on the 30th and I just wanted to wish him a good day! Elder Orth reminded me of Ben a lot so you can imagine how much fun we had together! And congradulations to Nathan and Meagan Greener! While I was at the MTC I had the chance to so some proxy sealings as a child to the parents so I got to imagine a little bit about what it must be like to be sealed in the temple. What a great Blessing of the restoration! I hope they have a great life together! I got Anik's e-mail and was perfect as always. Please thank her and keep in touch with her! Friday was pioneer day so we didn't proselyte again. We had no appointments so we played tennis and basketball that night. Elder Drew, who happens to be from Cardston, whooped me good at tennis!! He's an excellent player with a great serve. Humbled me a little bit but I still have hockey to make me prideful haha - just kidding...I also had the interview with President Pitts Friday and I totally forgot to read him that e-mail from Pres. Kaufman but I will do it I promise! and Satuday night we have like 5 investigators come play soccer, which was great but none came to church! Only this family that is friends with Bro Corona so it was great to see them come! We played soccer in the pouring rain, soaked from head to toe! I gotta go!

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