Monday, August 3, 2009

We're off to Lehi - Draper!!!

Hey Mommy and Daddy! Wow that is quite some portrait of me you got there, that is amazing. I like how I have such perfect skin haha! Hey first thing I wanted to say was thank you to Aunty Anne for sending me a dearelder again. I really really really really enjoy them. What a blessing it truly is to have such a loving family, with you praying for me, because of those prayers, I am filled with energy throughout the day. I haven't even had a headache yet on my mission. The worst I have gotten was a runny nose, that's it! I sleep like a baby every night and I am so healthy right now, I don't think I have ever been this healthy. Thank you for all of your prayers, they truly do get answered. But even better yet are your prayers for our investigators and the people of this area. It's been hard right now. Our investigators don't seem to want to progress. In a way, we need a lot more help from the members. When an inestigator has a fellowshipper, whom they trust and whom they can rely on, it is very rare that they will not get baptized. That is what we need. We need our investigators to get good friends that can testify to them of the wonderful blessings of the gospel! That is why we play soccer, to have the members invite their friends to come play and get to know the missionaries and we invite investigators to come and get to know the members. It has been hard as welll because our Ward mission Leader has been gone these past two weeks and our branch has zero ward misionaries (although they just called one yesterday). But, things are looking up! Our branch just got a new language missionary couple that come from the Sunset stake but will serve in the branch and help us and the branch build up the area. They will be a great help to us! Last week, we played hockey again with the Salmon's and it was so awesome! We had pizza, played hockey then had pie and ice cream! and don't you worry daddy, I'm not rusty yet. We ran into a young man the other day that is living with the Ochoa's. The Ochoa's weren't there so we decided to talk to him. He is Catholic and we had a very interesting conversation with him. He laughed when we told him about the great Apostasy, like he really laughed hard. He truly believes that Peter gave his Priesthood power to the leaders of the catholic church. It was hard. He also has this book that talks about Mormonism saying that John the Baptist gave the Melchizedek priesthood to Joseph Smith...kind of off a bit. Satan is truly a blinding force to people. He is the mist of darkness in the vision of the tree of Life! Hold to the rod! Oh by the way...I am getting transeferred!!!! Yup I go from the bottom to the top of the mission. I am going near Draper (in the Lehi area) I will be with Elder Pattersson from Utah actually. He has been out like 2 months more than me. It should be a lot of fun! What an adventure! I will still be spanish! I love my mission! so have a great week and I need your prayers! You can be expecting a box from me pretty soon!

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