Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey Mommy and Daddy and everyone! Another week has just flown by and it's because we are so busy here!! This past week has been absolutely crazy! Elder Patterson is now feeling a lot better. His condition was that he has a form of cancer where his body eats up a lot of his white blood cells so he has to take a lot of medication and that is why he is so close to home. He lives like 30 minutes from where we are and it is funny to see everyones reactions as we tell them that. So he sees the doctor close by like every 3 months. He is not terminal. Anyway so when he gets simple colds and stuff, it hits him even harder. He was sick for a week and a half but now I have my companion back and I am so happy! Finally someone to counsel with instead of making every decision on my own. I wasn't able to read Anik's e-mails before writing this because there are two so I just printed them and can't wait to dive into them! :):):):):) I will of course talk about them and the e-mail you sent me more in my audio. I am glad to hear that all is well and Marion is moving in! That is so cool! Alright so as I said, we worked so hard this past week and I got home every night dead tired! Last week, we only taught 7 lessons all week because Elder Patterson was sick and I was pretty much alone but guess what, this past week we taught 18 lessons, all with a member there!!! 100% fellowshipping! It was the best week of my mission and so far and you know what? that is only the beginning. I love this area and we are going to make it boom! Hard work pays off. We have a baptism this Sunday at 5 and another one 2 weeks after that! And more in October I'm sure! The Lord blesses the obedient and diligent and especially those that recognize his hands in all things. That has been one of my favorite scriptures for a long time. I am doing fine except those dearelders...yeah...I only got Mommy's and none of daddy's. So please check with those letters. I got Mommy's and one from Anik this past week. Oh and please give me Anik's new address at the apartment! (unless she doesn't want me to have it...;) So yes I must go now but I love you and can't wait to do the audio! Thank David and Sarah Jones for me! love them!

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