Monday, September 7, 2009

Hola Padres!!!

Hola Padres!Marion quiere que hable en espanol a cada vez que escribo asi que lo siento pero ustedes necesitaran encontra alguien para traducir mis correos! No chiste no mas! haha no se preocupen, no voy a hablar puro espanol!
Well, there you go, at least a little taste of my Spanish so far. I will try and speak more in Spanish in some of my audios so that you can track my progress. I love the Spanish language! I want to master it! I will try throughout my mission to master it. Thank you so much for all of the e-mails today! I enjoyed them all! I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well and that Anik is going to be working at Subway! Tell her to save me some cookies! ;) You all seem so happy and excited and it is so fun for me to feel that and know that I can focus on the work because all is well at home! Now I get an e-mail from Marion too, that's great! Tell her that she will have to teach me what she learns in university in Spanish!
The weather is pretty much still the comment there haha...Elder Patterson and I are staying very healthy. I got those fillings put in on Wednesday and now my mouth is all good according to the doctor. I really appreciated that so don't worry too much about that.
But all is well healthwise thank you! Tell Marion to keep working with the Elders and doing missionary work! Nothing brings greater joy as she already knows! Thank you for the sports updates...too bad Roddick is out! But Matt Lashoff is from Boston right? So he is used to winning which is really good! Well thank you for all that you do and for writing me and everything! I got two dearelders from you this past week. One was marked the 25th of August and the other didn't have a date. But they were good and I got everything. I only got one from Anik though...marked the 24th of I was pretty sad about that. I hope you figure out what is wrong with the dearelder service! And as for my b-day...welll...I just need a watch because my watch broke! yeah...the battery ran out so I took it to wal-mart and long story short....the front is cracked! so I need a new watch and that is all so a watch would be great! Other than that I am fine!! I really don't have room for anything else in my baggage! At least a watch I can wear haha anyways I must go so have fun I loooove you soooo much!!!! and really thank you for all you do!!!

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