Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello District Leader!!!

Hey Mommy and Daddy and everyone!
Well, another transfer has gone by and we got our transfer calls yesterday! Elder Patterson and I will be staying together but there is a little twist to it this time. President Pitts asked me yesterday to be District Leader here in our little district. Elder Bullock is going to be a zone leader down in Saint George to replace my good friend Elder Drew. So, I will be District Leader this transfer. Another Elder from Vancouver is coming to replace Elder Bullock so one Canadian for another! which makes me happy! My district will be Elder Patterson and I, Elder Sacca and Elder Candia (from Vancouver) and the zone leaders. This will truly be a humbling experience for me. I know that I will have to rely on the Lord even more now, which actually makes me pretty excited. I am looking forward to serve my district and to try and be the best example I can for them. It will be humbling because I am the youngest missionary in my district in terms of mission experience! I am ready though and will need your prayers of course! I love my mission! Elder Patterson and I are doing great. This past week was a little tougher because no one was ever home! But we will keep working hard and visiting as many people as we can. We have 4-5 baptisms lined up for this transfer so it should be very excited. Dalia is getting baptized on Halloween. Hey, she wanted it... But yes, things are going well here. I am just glad to know that the Lord and President Pitts trust me. I will definetely miss Elder Bullock, we are such good friends. We'll see him at my wedding! haha. I hope all is well back home but it seems that it is. Anik is doing fine and I pray for all of you every day! This week's dearelders were so slow! I only got yours Mom and one from Anik from the 31 of august. I think that with transfers they are holding the mail. We went to the Mount Timpanogos Temple on Wednesday and it was so beautiful! I took good pics! Now to answer some of your questions: The talk went alright yesterday but it is kind of tough for me being nervous and speaking another language you know? But it did go very well except for the counselor had to tell me to close up haha because I was talking a bit long. It was fun. Don't worry, I won't open it until my birthday I promise! Time does go by fast. The trick is really just work hard! Honestly, time flies by when you don't have time to look at your watch. That's the trick! I am so happy to hear that Chris G and Kameron and others are getting ready for their missions! you have to go. it is not even a question!!! it is the experience of a life time!I love you all and thank you for everything! take care!

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