Monday, August 24, 2009

Elder Patterson has been sick!!!

Hey Parents! I hope you like the audio. I did receive the package and I'd like to thank you sooo much for it! I now take 1000mg of Vitamin C every day to build my immune system. I don't really know why Anik and Rebecca were over there?? I guess because of the single-adult conference?? I'd like to congradulate Elder Kaufman, 1 year on his mission! That's incredible that a year has gone by already no? I know he's doing a great job except I haven't been getting daddy's dearelders with the info on them. I have been getting mommy's but not daddy's lately. I don't seem to get them as regularly so I would suggest that you check out what's going on. And Jason is going to the temple! what a wonderful experience that will be. The temple is a beautiful place and I am so blessed in my mission to go there every month! I hope that he learns important truths that will help him on his mission. I know he will! And Mom & Dad! 25 years ago you got married!! That is really something! I love you very much and your support for me is so appreciated! Poor Elder Patterson is still sick and has been sick all week! He has a cold but because of his condition, his immune system is not as strong so common colds affect him a lot worse. I just wish he would get better because I've had to take care of the area all by myself this past week since he just tries to sleep all day. Thankfully we live with such a great family that takes care of him as I go out and work. But it has been hard being without him. I really appreciate having a companion now. It is impossible to do this work by yourself and I believe the Lord has been teaching me and humbling me through this experience. We have great investigators and I know we'll see some baptisms soon. There are such great members that come out with me and offer to help me as my comp rests. Please pray that Elder Patterson gets better. The poor guy is having a hard time. He's been vomiting and everything and he just needs to get better! I have had a lot of time to study as you can imagine. I thought I'd share some of the scriptures that have been striking me lately just as James 1:5 had a strong affect on Joseph Smith. I love to study!!! I love the gospel! I don't know why I didn't study more before my mission! The Book of Mormon is so great! I am honestly afraid to be caught without it because without it ...where is our religion...we have none. It is the evidence. It is the sword of truth. How can we know that that 14 year old boy saw the Father and the son?? That blue book! The book of Mormon! Was there an apostasy? Well, in 1 Nephi 13 it says that there was and the Book of Mormon is true so there was! All you have to do is pray! You don't have to trust men. Ask God yourself, He answers prayers, He lives! What a simple message we have yet because of the simpleness of the way...many perish. I love how Matthew dropped everything in Matthew 9:9 and followed the Savior. Fishers of men He made them. He has us engraved in the palms of his hands as Isaiah said. That is such a strong scripture! Alright well I must go but please remember that Book of Mormon and how great it is to have it! Don't ever forget just how true it is and most importantly, what it means that it is true! I love you!! and Hey Dad thank you for the hockey updates! Thank you parents for sharing your testimonies with me!

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