Monday, October 19, 2009

I love being a Missionary - No greater happiness!!!

Hey Mommy and Daddy and everyone! I can't believe Rebecca is going to San Fran! Everyone goes to Utah or California don't you find? I am so happy for her and I'm sure her brother is ecstatic! She will love it! Like I have said, a mission changes your life and actually I put it this way for me personally, in D&C 76, Joseph Smith says that he and Sidney Rigdon's eyes were opened and their understanding enlightened or something to that effect but that is what has happened to me. I see things a lot differently now and understand them better. Ask and ye shall receive right? Let me just see if there are any questions to answer. I know Anik didn't really have any. I really never cook Mommy because we don't really have to. Members provide us with food all the time and it's great! You don't know how much I used things I learned from my mom and dad on my mission! Every day!! You led me to my testimony!! And about Christmas...I really don't need anything to be honest...but I'll let you know if I think of something this week. Thank you so much for the offer! And yeah bring Sean to that Fireside...he will really like that I think! I can't believe he lives so close!! that is so cool I can't wait to hang out with him when I get home! I miss my family! I miss playing hockey! haha I miss playing hockey with my family haha! Thanks dad for sending the update. This past Saturday I had the privilege of baptising Omar Campos. We love him. He's 15 and a lot of his family are already members except for his Dad, brother, and biological mother. We're teaching his brother right now though and he is so elect! We're excited! We are going to play soccer with them today I believe. It was a great week-end as we had several multi-cultural parties. Latinos know how to party that's for sure! It was fun to bring our investigators there and fellowship them. Things are going great here. More to come in the audio of course but transfers are next week and I think one of us is going. Can't wait to tell you. So don't send any mail after Thursday because it'll take forever to get it. I get mail so fast though and I love it! Thank you for all you do and send Sis Benham that Banana cake recipe Mom! I want some more! Love you guys! Thank everyone for their support I love it! It's funny that Daddy says "that's what it's all about Charlie Brown" because every single time Elder Patterson and I accomplish something or especially have a baptism I say to him "that's what it's all about Elder" and he just chuckles and says Yup. He must have a lot of patience for me because I'm crazy! But I love being a missionary! No greater happiness I tell you! I can't wait to continue missionary work when I get home! I am going to fight the good fight for a long time! I love you all and have a great week!

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