Monday, October 12, 2009

Tell Elder Glowa a Mission is Awesome!!!!

Alright I have 19 minutes to do this! Before we were going to a family History center but now we are in the Lehi library. Man, imgaine if I saw the Glowas for some reason haha I am like 20-25 minutes from Provo! I am so excited for Jason, I just can't express enough how just awesome a mission is. You learn more about yourself than you ever have before. You grow closer to Heavenly Father. I have really been trying to work on my prayers. I don't say amen until I feel I have sincerely shared everything I needed to say. Anik also wanted to know how well those great t-shirts fit...they fit great!!! I love them!! Just wait until you see the pictures! I took a lot! Once again...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I am the most blessed missionary I tell you! We're not doing anything as Canadian elders for thanksgiving, we'll just wait for the American one. The District leader calling is going well. We are doing good as a district. I love my district and that is what is most important. King Benjamin was an awesome leader and we need to learn to serve those we lead. I think that is what makes a great leader. So I pray for charity to be able to serve my district when they need it. I went out with Elder Sacca on splits and just tried to show him that I love him and appreciate him. He is a funny guy and we had a lot of fun. He reminds me of my cousin Sean so we got along great! I hope they're doing good! So what I have learned is that leadership is all about service! I am so sorry I didn't mention this before but yes, I did get Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful card and gift! I was so happy. I love getting mail from them!THANK YOU SOO MUCH! and Mom, your cake was awesome! just how I like it...I threw up all week but it was still good! hahaha no I'm just kidding it was fine! Elder Patterson said it was great too! THANK YOU once again for spoiling me like crazy! I love my family! Anik sent me the nicest package! you should have seen it...I don't even want to throw away the box! She's the best!! I took plenty of pics which I will send off today with my busted watch and other things! Can't wait for you to get them! Tell Jason he will love his mission and the MTC, I loved the MTC. Don't worry about Spanish...I know it's kind of frustrating at first not being able to express yourself as well. It's not only the language but a whole different culture! But like they say in the mtc...the spirit speaks all languages and I can testify of that! Just love everything about the mission! I am doing great here, we have a baptism next Saturday for Omar Campos. A really cool 15 year old guy. I now take down the definiton of every Spanich word someone says that I don't know. I would tell Jason to do the same! you!

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