Monday, October 5, 2009

We loved General Conference!!!

Hey Mom and Dad,Alright, YES I received both packages!!!! I got yours last Monday and Aniks like 30 minutes ago. I am so excited! I haven't had time to dig into Anik's package because we picked it up from the post office so it is now in the car but please give her a sincere thank you because i saw what was in there and it looks great! Tell her thank you for ALL she does and ALL her support. You are wonderful! I am so blessed to have a great family and a great future family! And my gosh, you guys spoil me!! what is with such incredible gifts! I got super spoiled haha! I love you! I am wearing this beautiful watch right now, it is fantastic! thank you! and that tooth brush!! my gosh!! thank you!! I feel like I'm at the dentist every time I use it! you are THE best parents and Anik is THE best girlfriend ever!! haha As I dig more into her box, I will have more thanking to give! I hope you got those forms I filled out and signed. Thank you for taking care of things back home. I read Anik's e-mail and about her decision for school. She made the best choice! I didn't know being a garderie person was even an option! forget that! Her dream is to be a teacher! She made the right choice! I know the Lord was in it as always. I'm so proud of her for studying it out in her mind and then relying on the Lord just like he told Oliver Cowdery to do. You don't know how much I use that divine counsel. I also loved conference and tell Anik that I fell asleep on Elder Patterson's shoulder the whole time haha noo just kidding. I stayed awake because I have truly found a great appreciation for conference. I was really unwise to not pay attention when I was younger. These are the men that receive revelation for US. It is wise to heed their counsel. I have to say though that 3 of the 5 sessions I watched in spanish so it was a little more difficult to understand. I can understand spanish pretty well now it will just take some getting used to. I loved President Monson's talk on anger. I love the Prophet. I also loved M. Rusell Ballard's talk on relationships between fathers and sons. Daddy and I are pretty good! I can't wait to get the conference issue ensign. Oh and please continue sending your dearelders straight to the Benham's home because I get them like 2 days later!! It is so fast! I got a ton of letters last week and I'm all up to date for you! So please tell everyone to do that. Don't go through the mission office anymore until I say something okay? THANK YOU! tell Anik to continue as well please. And last but not least, how are my friends doing? I hope Jonathan knows that I think of him all the time! and I follow his example. Jason is going to be a great missionary. I'd like to tell him something Elder Bell once told me when I asked him if the two years goes by fast. Elder Bell told me: once you lose youself in the work, time flies! and now I know what he meant. Just forget yourself and get to work Gordon! Work, Work, Work, that is the secret. before you know it, the mission will be over and it will have been a successful one. Alright I'm out! This church is the only true church sobre la faz de la tierra y Presidente Thomas S. Monson es el Profeta de hoy dia. Nunca olvidense de eso! les amo mucho!

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