Monday, November 2, 2009

Elder Diaz and I are getting along Great!!!!

Hey! Alright I only have 8 minutes so this will be pretty quick. PLEASE thank Anik once again for a great e-mail! She is the best!!! What motivation you guys give me haha! So about Elder Diaz! We get along so great! He is not what I thought he would be! He doesn't spring out of bed at 6:30AM but he does get up just fine! I am not too worried about that. It is not what I thought. He is a fine missionary and a such a nice person. We are having a lot of fun together and I love him! He is 22 and was born in Puebla, Mexico but grew up in Orange County, California so you can imagine I love him! I will say more in the audio later. To answer your question, it is the Timpanogus Temple...beautiful! Yes there are swings in the basement haha. I have Cold Fx so no need to send. Please send me Chris' and Thomas' address okay? I gotta go! Ties would be great for christmas!! I LOVE YOU!

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