Monday, November 9, 2009

The Gospel Changes People's Lives!!

Hey Mommy, Daddy, and everyone! Thank you so much for your e-mail and of course thank Anik for me even though she reads this but thank her because I love her e-mails too! And please thank all those that write me and send me wonderful things. Let me reply a bit to your e-mail. I loved the picture. I see plaques like that all over the place here in Utah because you know, a lot of people serve missions and I thought they were such a good idea and really nice. I really like mine! Thank you! I have seen that reflections of Christ DVD before and the book and it is really beautiful I think. I think they did a great job! Great idea from Elder Merrell.
I am so happy for Ted and Rebecca and I know they are ecstatic right now. Please send them my congrats! I hope that all goes well with everything and will pray that it will be everything that they want! But...I mean...Anik and Marion are in charge of the reception so there is no need to worry! Did you see that birthday box Anik sent me? come's going to be a great night and very well decorated! I hope you feel better Mom and keep up the good work with Sylvianne! That was such a good Idea that you had! Every member a missionary! I love you guys! And tell Elder Borja I say Hi and that I hope he bought some new shoes haha. He had some pretty beat up shoes when I was there and refused to buy new ones. I understand but I don't know if they'll last another winter! He's a great guy! I hope the work is doing well in Lasalle. You know that Elder Kaufman, Elder Glowa, and I pray for it all the time and can't wait to come home and help out. Thank you for the adresses! I will write something for sure! Now to update you on the life of Elder Carpenter. We have mice down in the basement. We hear them in the walls and caught one last week. He got stuck to this trap the Benham's gave us to put down. It had this super glue on it with food. We took him, stuck him in a bag and shot him out! It was funny! Elder Diaz doesn't like mice very much. But then again, who does? We also set a baptismal date for Carlos Balcazar. A 23 year old from D.F. Mexico. He is single and lives with a family that are members and go to the Lehi Ward. He is changing so much. He came to church yesterday with a white shirt and tie and earingless. I love being a missionary and seeing people change their lives because of the gospel you teach!!It changes people. It is so true! NEVER FORGET IT! Yanina got baptized! Man, what a pleasure it has been teaching her and her family and watching them change as well. Her husband is now re-activated and he baptized her! Oh I love it! She was elect from the start! I love going over there and having some gooood Argentinian food! Elder Diaz and I get along great and work hard together. Having fun working hard is the best way to do it! I love you so much and must go but send my love to all those back home and all those out serving the Master himself. For Christmas, really...ties are just fine. Just remember that I don't have very much room left in my baggage. But anything you send I will love!!! because I love you! And tell Hugo that his cousin Elder Tapia says Hi. I went on splits with him Thursday night. Super nice, humble missionary! And he says Hi to his cousin. I told Elder Tapia that his cousin is dating a friend of mine!! Small LDS world.

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