Monday, November 16, 2009

There is a lot of Work in this Area

Hey Mom and Dad, thank you so much for the pictures. Thank you so much for all that you send me. Anik's e-mail was so funny...she told me she was talking to you as she wrote it. Thank you so much for the news and everything. I am sure the wedding was really nice. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MARION!!!! Yes please wish Marion a happy birthday for me. I am still older than her haha! So I loved your e-mails and thank you! I love you guys so much! Thank you for always motivating me and everything. I did get your dearelders and i loved them as always. I hope Anik doesn't find my audios super weird because I really can't express myself the way that I used to. I know she still loves me anyway though! Let me answer some questions: The things in the district are doing well. I worry about some of the elders' obedience however. I really have to be an example and follow the spirit. I will seek guidance from my leaders about how to help the elders be more obedient. It is a great opportunity to learn and serve. I love the elders and hope that they see that I love them and want to serve them. Elder Diaz and I are doing good. There is a lot of work in this area and I think it's great. I need to focus more on the work and be more diligent to be able to take advantage of this area and see many baptisms. Just know that I'm okay and my skin and health and everything is going well. Pray for me to be a better leader and to help the elders around me. Pray for us always that we might continue to get along and be more diligent. Now I have like 4 min left and I wanted to say some things.

Don't worry about me! I love being a missionary and there is so much work and I am getting lost in it. I want to get completely lost and tell you about it! Thank you for everything and more in the audio but the church is still true and always will be! I love it! I will put to practice more prayer and fasting to see more success! I want every family we meet to be sealed in the temple! I love you! have a great week!

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