Monday, November 23, 2009

We Taught 22 Lessons Last Week!!!

Hey Mom and Dad! Thank you so much for the wonderful e-mail! You guys motivate me so much it is incredible. Please never stop writing me. The three of you (with Anik) are a wonderful blessing to me and I thank God every day for you! Anik's e-mail was fantastic and once again, as every week, outdid herself! I love you guys! Let me answer some questions if there are:
Alright return and report of DL and thanksgiving: I have a very small district of 6 elders, two of which are the ZL's whom I report to so I try and do all they ask of me by getting numbers in on time and so on. They are always good missionaries and good friends. Then the other two report to me, Elder Candia and elder Fonoimuana (polynesian). You really have to develop Christlike attributes as a leader. I need to work on patience as well. I always report all to the ZLs and President Pitts to get their guidance when it comes to my stewardship. I will always work on being a better leader. Thanksgiving is a non-proselyte day in the mission so we will be playing a lot of football and sports all day then out at 6 to proselyte. We will visit investigators that have invited us over. We want to meet their families! It will be awesome!
Things are doing very well here. We worked very hard last week and taught 22 lessons without even going on splits. Just for one appointment. So you can imagine how busy we were. I love working hard and coming home that is the best feeling! We found some new people too! it was great. I saw Elder Breton who served in Montreal and I actually spent a day with him when I was there. He's from New Jersey but is here on vacation to visit some friends! I finally understood all he said in spanish! Elder Merrell knows him. I wanted to comment some more on your e-mail. It is sad to hear about the YM. I wish Elders Kaufman and Glowa and I were there to help but we have our hands full here haha! I would warn them of the dangers of quenching the Holy Ghost. It does not dwell in unclean tabernacles. I can't imagine going through this life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Often I sit and meditate after saying a prayer in my personal study to receive revelation. I keep a pen and paper close by to write it down.
I loved Elder Scott's talk this past conference on spiritual guidance. Anyway, I love them too and will pray for them. Tell me if there is anything I can do...maybe a letter to the YM...maybe I'll do that. They need to go on missions! it is so important. What a wonderful experience I am having here. What happiness comes from serving a mission. I have never felt so close to Heavenly Father in my life! Watching the Gospel change a life is better than any T.V show or movie! I love the members here that help us so much and I am so greatful that my very own parents feed and go out with the missionaries. I can see that blessing my own mission. Today I got my haircut but I asked for a 2 all over! Big mistake! Way too short and I will have to buy a hat! haha. Anyway I better be going! I can't wait to make an audio for you! love you!

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